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  1. handinpalm


    I got up this morning and reviewed my videos, thinking I would catch a rat crawling up Palm trunk, and saw a little thief breaking into my house. My phone for the push alerts was in the next room and did not hear it. I was dead tired from boating that day and fast asleep. I now will sleep...
  2. handinpalm

    Another bird house thread

    I was in need of a close up front door cam, mounted low for facial recognition. I had a spare Dahua 5231RP-Z turret lying around and bought an Amazon cedar bird house. The bird hole opening was the exact size of the camera lens, so I just had to drill our the IR LED holes and a small mic...
  3. handinpalm

    Why is the old term "Footage" used in this day and age.

    I always wondered why people use the term Footage, when discussing digital video cameras in the 21st century. This term is from where plastic film was used to record frames of pictures to make a motion picture. We have graduated from this recording to magnetic tape, then to the digital age...
  4. handinpalm

    Perpetrator Nailed by Blue Iris

    I was lying down last night watching TV, when the Blue Iris Alert on the phone went off, notifying me that someone was coming down the driveway. I looked up at my live monitor and thought, WTF is this? I have live monitors running UI3 throughout the house, depending on which room I am in. I...
  5. handinpalm

    Dahua sd59225u-hni PTZ reboot problems

    I have had a Dahua sd59225u-hni PTZ camera for about 4 years now, w/o problems. I cleaned the lens the other day and offset the position of the PTZ. I normally cycle power to the unit to get it back in sync. This time I did a manual reboot from the camera GUI a few days later. The camera is...
  6. handinpalm

    What does fire look like with IR cut filter?

    It looks like this. I have a few very tall royal palms that loom over the 7KV power lines out front. Sometimes when a storm blows by the leaves hit the 7KV line. I have had people come up to the front door screaming that the tree is on fire and some people will call the fire department. The...
  7. handinpalm

    Coyotes are getting bigger

    Caught this guy on a Dahua SD59225U-HNI PTZ this morning. At first thought it was a dog because he was so big, but I have never seen him around here, and I see everything with the cams. What do you guys think? He missed the stray cats that came through earlier.
  8. handinpalm

    Otter is back

    Not much goes on around here except the possum and raccoons. Always good to see the Otter stop by.
  9. handinpalm

    New tool automates phishing attacks that bypass 2FA

    Now this is really scary. This reverse proxy tool can circumvent your 2 factor authentication. This just happened on large scale with YouTube accounts. And I thought my online financial transactions with 2FA were safe. Have to be extra careful about phishing attacks! New tool automates...
  10. handinpalm

    NSA Director Keynoting Dahua and Hikvision Sponsored Cybersecurity Conference

    Note that Hikvision is ~42% owned by Chinese Gov't. Wonder what is in their firmware? NSA Director Keynoting Dahua and Hikvision Sponsored Cybersecurity Conference CETC = Chinese Gov't
  11. handinpalm

    The Cat & the Rat

    Not much action around here since the Coyotes moved on. The local stray cats are finally starting to earn their keep. Notice that the cat did not immediately bite the rat, because he already has rat in mouth. 2 rats in mouth when he ran off. Not a bad night for that cat. All light in scene is...
  12. handinpalm

    How best to set a Profile manually and not use Schedule?

    Luckily, I do not have a scheduled life, nor do I want one. I have different Profiles set for different cams and like to Manually set this profile when I wish, and Keep that Profile active until I Manually change it again (in the profile tab at top of main BI page) I have the global Schedule...
  13. handinpalm

    Lets talk CBR vs VBR

    There is a lot of talk about optimizing your camera setting to get the most efficient storage capability. Not a lot of talk about setting your cameras on Constant Bit Rate (CBR) or Variable Bit Rate (VBR). I have 8 Dauha 1080 cams and a couple of old Cisco 640 cams, all set with 15 fps...
  14. handinpalm

    Good Spider Web Brush

    I live in a warm environment, so there are lots of spiders & webs, even on the turret cameras. I use this pool cage brush, they sell at the pool stores, with a 20' telescoping handle. You could probably even clean lenses of those high elevation cams by wrapping a terry cloth around the brush...
  15. handinpalm


    The local Otter ran across the drive this morning. First time to capture him on camera. Very unusual around here since I am about 1/2 mile from water.
  16. handinpalm


    Captured the local coyote with Dahua SD59225U. External IR lighting was also used. BTW, I live in the most densely populated county in Florida, so if they are here, they can be anywhere.
  17. handinpalm

    BI not updating time after shutdown

    First off, I want to say what a great Forum this is for IP cams. Great info here, and a lot better than other forums I have visited. When I shut down my BI PC, running Win 10, the exact same date/time as shut down shows up the next day when I restart BI. I have NTP synced...
  18. handinpalm

    What is best online site to Buy Dahua cameras?

    Looking to buy Dahua cameras and NVR online. What is the best site for price and warranty? I am in St Pete FL area. Thanks in advance.