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  1. Jessie.slimer

    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    They blame the unvaccinated for causing the variants, yet they don't realize the ineffective "vaccines" are no different. People are getting and transmitting even after getting the jab. They are not stopping anything.
  2. Jessie.slimer

    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    And with everyone likely needing annual booster shots (just like the flu, cough cough), you think there would be more pushback to get it actually approved, not just for emergency use.
  3. Jessie.slimer

    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    They are not even close to being 90%, and it has only been out for months. I suspect we will see a lot more breakthrough cases, which will bring the efficacy level even lower. The 90 percent number was sold to us that 90+ percent who got this shot would not get the virus. Yet the leaders are...
  4. Jessie.slimer

    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    I wish people would stop referring to this as a vaccine. Vaccines provide you immunity from something. We were told that it was 90 something percent effective. Now that "vaccinated" people are getting infected and their previous efficacy claims have been shattered, the experts now want us to...
  5. Jessie.slimer

    US Elections 2020+ (& Politics) :)

    The shit was on autopilot. He just had to leave it alone. Foreign policy. Economy. Covid. Democrats break everything they touch.
  6. Jessie.slimer

    Can Blue Iris be configured for a daily scheduled reboot?

    Are you sure it's not a cpu issue? You could set BI to run as a service and schedule windows to reboot every day. BI will start up automatically when it's run as a service.
  7. Jessie.slimer

    Lets talk Cerakoting and Boom Sticks!

    There is a spray on version that air dries which I have no experience with, and a spray on version that you have to heat up in order to fully cure it.
  8. Jessie.slimer

    Who do y'all have for homeowners insurance?

    I always thought State Farm was really good. And they were. I switched to them after I saw how they handled my parents roof claim about 15 years ago. My in laws had a similar good experience with State Farm about 5 years ago. My contractor told me that they have gotten bad recently, though. Most...
  9. Jessie.slimer

    Hunting & Hikmicro - thermal scopes (Hikvision)

    In IL we can hunt coyotes 24 hours a day from Nov through mid March.
  10. Jessie.slimer

    Lets talk Cerakoting and Boom Sticks!

    I did a Glock 22 and a PS90 with the low temp cerakote a while back, not sure what the version was called. I think it needed something like 200 degrees for 30 minutes or something like that. I have a junk 220v oven in the garage so the wife doesn't beat me for using the kitchen oven for my silly...
  11. Jessie.slimer

    Who do y'all have for homeowners insurance?

    I just finished a nearly year long fight with State Farm over a wind and hail claim that they wrongfully denied. They say the damage is older than the claim date, even though I provided photos AND VIDEO of the wind and hail right outside my doors. Anyway, after giving them money for over a...
  12. Jessie.slimer

    US Elections 2020+ (& Politics) :)

    "No one confronts you. That's the problem". Love it.
  13. Jessie.slimer

    Best IP Security Cameras for the price

    ^ Agree here. You will be hard pressed to find a better camera for this kind of money. They are also Starlight, they perform pretty decent for a 1/3 sensor. I have 2 of them and have been happy with the performance for what I paid.
  14. Jessie.slimer

    Changed monitor with a better resolution: not satisfied, where i'm wrong?

    It may have to do with the 2.8mm lens. 2.8mm is more for overview. I have a couple of IPC-5442TM-AS (better sensor) with 2.8mm lenses that I use to overlook large areas of my yard and when I digital zoom them, they get a little grainy too. How is the image of things close to the camera?
  15. Jessie.slimer

    Problem with MMS

    Mine went back to working perfect again. I received no response from Verizon regarding the case I have open, which is still open.
  16. Jessie.slimer

    US Elections 2020+ (& Politics) :)

    Something tells me Ron Watkins is feeling suicidal.
  17. Jessie.slimer

    Weird sighting after security system and camera installation

    Sorry if I'm wrong, but this story seems a bit extravagant for someone who joined today and hasn't come back to comment. Seems a bit odd that a hidden camera was found in your daughter's bedroom and you came here to ask advice before calling the police, obviously knowing an illegal act took...
  18. Jessie.slimer

    Buying advice: low light camera without IR or white LED

    You can also turn the IR off in most if not all Dahuas, but if the room is completely dark you will not see much. If you have some light, the cameras with 4mp on 1/1.8 sensors such as the 5442 seem to do ok. You will have to experiment to see if you have enough light to get a useful image when...
  19. Jessie.slimer

    Smallest camera that works with BlueIris

    Nice find. Rtsp feed too.
  20. Jessie.slimer

    Smallest camera that works with BlueIris

    That pinhole camera is small, but it must be connected to a larger processing unit for it to function. There is no processor in the pinhole camera itself. FYI. In case you decide on that one.
  21. Jessie.slimer

    I'm just a Traveling man...

    You'd think there was a liquor store next door with these captures you are getting.
  22. Jessie.slimer

    2nd Amendment thread

    Here is an example of a good parent who took the curiosity away from his kids.
  23. Jessie.slimer

    2nd Amendment thread

    I will agree with you there. Toy guns should not be as realistic looking as they are and should have a red marking on them. But we all know how easy it is for a kid to break that orange or red tip off. In today's world, there is no way a parent should let their kids outside with a toy gun. Even...
  24. Jessie.slimer

    2nd Amendment thread

    Or just have better parenting. A parent that gives a damn. Better yet, 2 parents. I wouldn't have been able to sit on my swollen ass for a day, and my toy gun would have been smashed to bits if my parents caught me playing with it outside. Can't blame guns (even toys) for a societal problem.
  25. Jessie.slimer

    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    This country ----> hell in a handbasket
  26. Jessie.slimer

    mounting on a flagpole

    I use a low voltage led flood light found at menards. It says it's 1500 lumens. Lights up a 5x8 Old Glory on top of a 30 foot flagpole with the Gadsen flag below it very well...
  27. Jessie.slimer

    Snoop Dog flips after not being able to place an order on a graphics card

    I'm more surprised to learn that this pos knows how to operate a computer.
  28. Jessie.slimer

    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    The Covidians and lockdown enthusiasts are hard at work trying to hold on to that power as long as possible.
  29. Jessie.slimer

    How do I switch from one modem mfg to another using BlueIris

    How to change the ip of your network card in windows