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  1. Beefarmer

    FTP: 229 Extended Passive Mode Entered (|||40765|)

    Having issues when trying to FTP. Getting FTP: 229 Extended Passive Mode Entered (|||40765|) Thoughts?
  2. Beefarmer

    FTP: 229 Extended Passive Mode Entered (|||40765|)

    FTP: 229 Extended Passive Mode Entered (|||40765|) This is an error I am getting when using the FTP in BI. Thoughts?
  3. Beefarmer

    NGROK with BI and IOS App

    I have NGROK working with my browser in IOS for both Chrome and Safari. I would like to have it work on the actual BI IOS App. Can that be done and if so what am I missing to have it work within the app. FYI I have moved away from port forwarding due to the possibility of being...
  4. Beefarmer

    Server connected

    I recently have seen outside ip addresses connecting to BI. Many are blocked but a few seem to connect. How do I block these as well as what does the number 3 represent? Thank You
  5. Beefarmer

    Local Console Login?

    Installed latest update and received Locale Console Login???? Not sure what that is... can't get in now.
  6. Beefarmer

    404 Not Found and Amcrest setup via browser.

    Trying to hit an Amcrest camera ASH42-B with a browser and getting 404 not found. I am able to connect via BI and see the camera no problems. (So Far) new... Other than using Amcrest IP Config, is there a way to make changes via browser? Also, anyone try changing the firmware on this cam...
  7. Beefarmer

    Live view does not show video

    After updating to recent update 5.0.9, 3 of my 9 cameras do not show on the UI view. No error messages appear in the blank areas as well. All cams in the same group, In General Tab/settings you can see video and the FPS is working under General and it is streaming to the iphone and remote...
  8. Beefarmer

    FTP not working as expected in BI

    I have not been able to send a .jpg to wunderground with BI. I can send the same file with all the same password/id/and correct file size via FileZilla without out issue. BI is placing the updated files with the BI weather tool info on it in the correct folder as far as I can tell .. just...
  9. Beefarmer

    Port Forwarding on 4G LTE device

    I have switched over to a 4G LTE Router and am unable to port forward at this point. Anyone else using maybe T-Mobile on a LTE device and are unable to port forward? Thanks
  10. Beefarmer

    Hikvision repair

    My RJ45 on my camera itself has broken. Is there anyone that repairs them? DS-2cd223215 Thanks
  11. Beefarmer

    Wind Direction

    I am unable to get wind direction. I've tried several major locations and such... but just keep getting a blank spot.
  12. Beefarmer

    IPC-HFW4431R-Z PTZ Control will not turn off IR

    Using BI and not able to turn off IR on IPC-HFW4431R-Z camera. Anyone have settings or info on this? Thank you.
  13. Beefarmer

    Setting up ip Camera "Not" to use internet on BlueIris

    Ok, so this is probably a very basic question that if I could just think through I would get the answer myself... however, I've hit a mental wall... So I have all my IP cameras coming into a separate switch/router and then a line to my computer from same router, some of my cameras are wifi and...
  14. Beefarmer

    Turned off BlueIris Server by mistake from my remote iPhone App

    I turned my server off by hitting the stop light on my iPhone app. I can no longer view my server from my iPhone or from my desktop computer. Let me say I will be able to see it again once I get home and turn it back on... but for now I cannot and this isn't the first time I've hit it...
  15. Beefarmer

    DS-2CD2232-I5 Won't allow configuration

    When running SADP I can see my camera at and all the information about it.. however I cannot make any changes to it or connect to it. I've tried TFTP and it will initialize however, it will not go any further than that. I tried to update the firmware when all this happened. Any...
  16. Beefarmer

    Remote connection to BI

    I am trying to connect to a single camera on blue iris remotely. Is there a way to login and view just one camera? For example my site might be htttp:// and so on.... is there a way to connect to just one of the cams? I'm trying to setup a webcam view site with noip...