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  1. jrf

    Little help with exposure

    I have a Dahua PTZ SD59225U-HNI . It's picture has been seemingly dark. Something I think I've noticed but not really paid much attention to until today. Even though most of the scene is snow. The image is very dark compared to my other cams (5231s).
  2. jrf

    Cam shows yellow ! at top and no bitrate

    After rebooting I have a single CAM Dahua 5231R that has the yellow circle with a ! in at at the top of that camera. Also it doesn't report a bitrate in BI. Looking up in the manual says usually the frame rate is mismatched. Checked, double checked, changed the frame rate, changed the...
  3. jrf

    Caught this creature cleaning my cameras

    Daughter wanted to "practice" costumes for figured it was prime time for camera cleaning. I have no idea what my neighbors think of me....
  4. jrf

    BI Tools backup not working

    When I click options/backup from the BI tools interface you get two options. Backupup BI tools settings or BI server/camera settings. When I do the tools backup a file called settings.ini gets updated/created in the folder specified. However if I choose BI Server/Cameras nothing ever happens...
  5. jrf

    Trigger PTZ preset through BI web interface

    From what I can tell in the original documentation I can only see a way to trigger PTZ up/down/left/right and not a way to trigger the camera to go directly to a preset. Is this possible and does anyone know what the URL would be? Trying to trigger from my smarthome to move a ptz to a preset...
  6. jrf

    Snowstorm time lapse

    Made these a bit ago. Bit of PITA for my first time trying to figure out how to do 3 days worth of a timelapse. The software I used didn't do the video any did work in the end. Both of these 5231r-z Yes...this would have been that blizzard that was all over the news in...
  7. jrf

    BI Time lapse export

    I live in the great northwest where we recently got hit with over 50" of snow in a few days. I'd like to make a time lapse out of this and noticed when I was trying to export (that's not working either) that there seems to be a time lapse export feature. However I can't seem to find what makes...
  8. jrf

    Trash Guy weirdness

    Pretty sure this guy was just being "nice" and pickup up trash off the street along his walk...However. VERY bizzare you would pick a random house and dump your bag in the trash can. Also please do critique camera placements/suggestions. CAM1 CAM2 CAM3
  9. jrf

    Camera called "Motion" keeps being added back.

    When I restart BI a camera called "Motion" with shortname of "Camera" keeps being added in as a camera. It has no signal because it has no setup. Has anyone else ever had this happen? This is twice on two systems now. On the last system I just hid it because I could never get rid of it.