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  1. whoami ™

    How do the experts dial in new cams?

    I've had SecCams for couple years now but just recently started taking them off auto to try and dial them in. I've realized that when you start playing with exposure, backlight, picture, illuminator, encoder mode, fps, bitrate iframe, ect one change can have an effect on them all. I'm...
  2. whoami ™

    How to render remote desktop graphics with GPU in Windows 10 for Blue Iris

    I went through hell trying to figure this out yesterday... so I figured I'd document it here so it'll be easier to find for the next person searching how to do this on a Windows 10 machine to conserve CPU resources for Blue Iris. Windows key + R gpedit.msc Computer Configuration ->...
  3. whoami ™

    [whoami ™] has joined the server!

    This @IPCamTalk looks like a decent place to hang out... I might have got a little ahead of myself, I've already built, installed, and programmed my system.... But wanted to drop a post and show some appreciation for all the great info. For what its worth I did purchase BI from here, mostly...