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  1. Abula

    Testing Dahua Camaras, need some advice

    Hi, I'm about to change all of my home cameras, most of them are hikvision 3mp to Dahuas 4mp and couple of Hikvision ColorVu. Before installing them on their spots, i would like to try to do some testing, probably mount them on wood/plywood and try to secure them to a wall, im not doing...
  2. Abula

    Intel J5005 capable of 8x 1080p cameras?

    Hi, I'm about to build my brother a setup, but he wants as low power as possible, was thinking on Intel Gemni lake celerons, the J5005 has a passmark of 2912, so its very low, but wondering if you guys think it could handle Blue Iris 5 with 8x 1080p camaeras?
  3. Abula

    New setup for BI5, Nvidia or Intel GPU?

    Hi, I'm getting ready to upgrade my BI server toward an i7 9700k, to what i seen intel igpu with quicksync has been the recommendation for a long time. But upon contacting BI for some insight, i got the following answer, So this leads me to think that BI5 will benefit from an nvidia GPU, so...
  4. Abula

    Memory Timings or bandwidth?

    Hi, I'm planning to upgrade my BI server, specially with BI5 + Win10, I already bought the i7 9700k and a AsRock Z390 mobo, but wondering about the memory in terms of what would be more recommended for Blue Iris, Bandwidth or Timings? will it benefit more on 3200 cl14 or 3600 cl16?
  5. Abula

    Best CPU for 8x 1080p @15fps

    Hi, I been a Blue Iris user for more than 5 years now, and been extremely happy with it. I have been running 8x Hikvision 3mp cameras used at 1080p@15fps with Blue Iris (not using direct to disk), im still a windows 7 user mostly for the windows 10 forced updates that will disrupt other...
  6. Abula

    Any chance of BI supporting Nvidias NVENC?

    I know atm it supports intels Quick Sync and its been great, have no complaints, specially for building around a intel quad and now six core, so plenty of power to sustain multiple streams and recording. But recently i seen a lot of good results on recording, i know not in surveillance... but...
  7. Abula

    How to assign the path for the STORAGE folder?

    Hi, From what i recall i didn't had this issue with BI3, but i do now with BI4, its probably something easy but i cant seem to get it working. My BI server is on my signature, i use a SSD for OS and programs and WD Purple 6Tb exclusive for storing the BI recordings (the ssd has the BI...
  8. Abula

    Need some help with recording settings

    Hi, I been a BI user for couple of years, very happy with the software, and specially the community that helps a ton into such a tweakable program. I used to run purely motion recording in all my 8 cameras, and they have worked great, i have cough the steeling of the water counter and gave it...
  9. Abula

    Win10 Pro + Remote Desktop + BI4 issue

    Hi, So i been wanting to try BI4 but BI3 was so stable that i decided to wait a little to let Win10 bugs work out, and i also wanted to upgrade the storage on the Bi server to 6tb WD Purple for keeping two cameras in constant recording, so decided this was the weekend to do it, but an issue...
  10. Abula

    Nvidia helps BI?

    I have always prefer building around intel iGPU, but recently i rechecked BI Recommended specs and i saw Does BI can use cuda core or any of nvidia tech to help the CPU into BI tasks?
  11. Abula

    Google Chrome / PC display issue

    Hi, I been super happy with all my hikvision cameras, all have worked perfect as stand alone, with blue iris and with mobile apps. Recently i had an issue with Google Chrome not displaying the cameras, asking for an extra pluggin, searching the web, i was not alone, and seem Chrome change...
  12. Abula

    My dedicated Blue Iris server

    Well im kinda new to the hole camera thing, but upon testing Blue Iris and 7x Hikvision cameras.... i just fell in love with it, and Pentium G3220 was not able to move Blue Iris with 7x 1080p streams at 15fps. With Intel releasing devils canon, decided to to update my desktop freeing the 4770K...