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  1. Jessie.slimer

    Who do y'all have for homeowners insurance?

    I just finished a nearly year long fight with State Farm over a wind and hail claim that they wrongfully denied. They say the damage is older than the claim date, even though I provided photos AND VIDEO of the wind and hail right outside my doors. Anyway, after giving them money for over a...
  2. Jessie.slimer

    Who needs a security system when there is this?

    Only $399 a month for someone overseas to scream at the robbers...and maybe offer to lower their credit card interest rates. :rofl:
  3. Jessie.slimer

    Events: subscription 00002efd

    I saw the couple of old posts related to this error code, where the solution was to disable pulling of onvif triggers from the camera. I did that and verified the errors stopped, but the problem is that I would like to get the onvif trigger events so I can use the camera's AI. I have several...
  4. Jessie.slimer

    PFB300C ceiling mount for SD49225XA-HNR?

    I just received this ceiling mount and was about to install the camera, but I think I may be missing something. The wall bracket that came with the cam fits onto the top of the camera perfect, but the PFB300C does not. It seems like I might need a threaded adapter between the camera and the...
  5. Jessie.slimer

    Camera reset activating Dahua motion detection

    I'm trying to set up ivs rules/tripwires in my 5442 turrets to eliminate false triggers from tree shadows, but motion detection in the video detection tab keeps reverting back to checked as soon as I save a setting in the blue iris video tab. Anyone seen this? I definitely want to leave this...
  6. Jessie.slimer

    Needing help setting up an Edgerouter X behind an Asus RT-86U

    I just got an Edgerouter X and a UAP-AC-LR access point in order to set up a seperate network for my iot devices. I'm very green to networking, but have been watching a lot of tutorials online on configuring this thing. I've got a decent grasp on it, but I think where I am running into issues...
  7. Jessie.slimer

    Deer parade

  8. Jessie.slimer

    Anyone using VLANs?

    I asked in the other router thread, but I don't want to hijack it with any further questions. I'm in the process of switching internet providers, and I'm trying to isolate all of my IoT and non trustworthy devices from my main network. Before, I had my AT&T dsl modem/router combo in bridged...
  9. Jessie.slimer

    Porch Pirates

    I was sent this and had a chuckle. Reminded me of the glitter bomb guy (that turned out to be fake/staged I heard). Any body have any other funny porch pirate revenge videos or ideas, either your own or found online?
  10. Jessie.slimer

    Anyone here move from Smartthings to Hubitat?

    I've been generally happy with Smartthings for several years, but have been getting a lot of system outages recently. Some are on Smartthings' end, some are on my end due to my crappy internet that is not only slow, but decides to stop working randomly for 30 minutes. A lot of my lighting...
  11. Jessie.slimer

    Anyone using a Dahua POE switch

    I finally have more cameras than existing poe ports, so I'm moving my BV Tech switch out to the barn and was looking at @EMPIRETECANDY switches for the house. I would get 2 and link them together. I like the idea of having two 8 port switches vs one 16 port, in case I have one go down. At...
  12. Jessie.slimer

    Amazon truck ran over flower garden

    Well it finally happened to me. Amazon usually only comes halfway down my driveway, walks up to the door, and backs back down the driveway. Today they pulled further up and did a 3 point turn into the grass, but the turned front tires came across the wife's corner flower garden, took out some of...
  13. Jessie.slimer

    Looking for connector weatherproofing tips

    I just ran power ro my unheated, uninsulated metal pole barn and will be putting a few cameras out there. I'm using a pair of Loco M5's. All connections will be inside the barn (protected from direct rain/snow but not from condensation, wild Midwest temp swings, and nuisance birds). I'm...
  14. Jessie.slimer

    Substream setup on Amcrest IP2M-841EB

    I'm trying to set up substreams on this camera in BI, but am running into an 'RTSP:404 not found' error. Substreams are enabled in the camera UI. The camera worked great until I tried to add the substream URL. When I delete the substream it returns to normal. Here are screen grabs of what my...
  15. Jessie.slimer

    Question for the cable termination gurus here

    I have been fighting an intermittent internet dropout from my AT&T dsl for some time now. They have been coming by the house and checking everything, but it's always working when they come out. They can see a lot of errors on the line from their central office, but it seems like the lines coming...
  16. Jessie.slimer

    Camera recessed into wall

    I finished the repairing the drywall in the dogs' room, and figured I'd do something different. I had my Amcrest ptz sitting on a table, but thought I would build a little shelf/box into the wall. It's a smaller room and the dogs kept banging into the table, moving the zero position of the...
  17. Jessie.slimer

    Disguising exposed pvc conduit

    I've finally finished wiring line voltage and low voltage to my barn, shed, and fence. On the fence, I have 2 seperate junction boxes mounted, and each has two 3/4 inch sections of pvc conduit running vertically from the bottom of the box into the ground. I painted them to match the fence, but...
  18. Jessie.slimer

    My NON camera capture for FedEx

    I had a package that was supposedly delivered at 10:29am yesterday. Checked all front cameras and found no activity around that time, and obviously no package. After arguing with FedEx customer service and telling them I have multiple cameras on my driveway, front yard, and front porch, they...
  19. Jessie.slimer

    Asus OpenVPN stopped working

    I had no issues until today, I now can't connect to my RT-86u with stock firmware using openvpn on 2 seperate clients. Checked all settings, nothing has changed. Tried a reboot and hard reset. This is what the system log shows. Is this a certificate problem? Aug 24 18:51:29 wlceventd: WLCEVENTD...
  20. Jessie.slimer

    Good place to get fiber optic cable?

    I'm getting ready to trench out to my barn (about 150 feet from the house) to install some outlets and lights out there, and this is the best time to set up a camera or 2 in there. I was talked out of running cat6 underground in another post. I would like to possibly run fiber, but everywhere I...
  21. Jessie.slimer

    Starlink satellite internet

    Anyone else interested in this? Supposed to have a much lower latency than other satellite broadband due to the lower satellite orbit. I know a lot of you are out in the country like me. I'm excited at the possibility of getting speeds faster than 12 mbps. If you go to their website, you can...
  22. Jessie.slimer

    Can I access camera UI through VPN (dual NIC)?

    I'm trying to figure out a way to get into my camera settings when not at home. I'm running a dual NIC and cameras have no internet access, so I would have to remote vpn into the Blue Iris CPU to control the 2nd private network. I don't want to leave Teamviewer open on the cpu all the time. Is...
  23. Jessie.slimer

    Having trouble with zone crossing

    I have some big trees near my house causing a lot of false alarm shadows on sunny days, so I'm switching to BI zone crossing for alerts. I think I have everything set correctly, but I'm only getting a trigger when objects cross from zone E to zone D. I'm attaching pictures of settings, maybe I...
  24. Jessie.slimer

    Amcrest dash cam on sale for $22 on Amazon Just bought a couple. I've had good luck with Amcrest ip cams. Heck, even if these suck, they are only $22. Or I'll return them.
  25. Jessie.slimer

    Thoughts on direct burial cat6

    I'm going to be running a couple of 200+ ft cat6 cables out to a pole where I plan to mount a PTZ, and was wondering what you guys thought about cable, since I don't want to have to redo it. Cable will probably be around 12 inches underground. I'm looking at this one from Monoprice Monoprice...
  26. Jessie.slimer

    Dashcam video of accident

    Accident is at the end of video. She went right through the red light at full speed. Only minor injuries thankfully, mostly from the airbag.
  27. Jessie.slimer

    CPU usage maxing out after switching to H.265 HA

    I've got an i7-6700 and was switching my cameras to H.265 after I saw the update that now supports hardware acceleration. After the first camera was changed, cpu spiked to 80-95% from the normal 15-20%. HA is set to Intel in Blue Iris. Changed cam back to H.264h but cpu is still maxing out...
  28. Jessie.slimer

    This bird must really not like my camera

    Anyone seen this before? I'm thinking maybe it sees it's reflection in the lens.
  29. Jessie.slimer

    Can someone explain the Dahua day/night sensitivity setting?

    I looked at the DahuaWiki page and understand what it does, but which sensitivity setting forces it to stay in color mode with less light, low or high?