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    Auto Tracking

    Has anyone been able to get the DH-SD59430U-HNI to Auto Track ? I have been trying different things for months, getting no where . I bought it from Andy to be my best camera and specifically for Auto Tracking. It just wont track. Thanks
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    Auto Tracking

    Does anybody that has a DH-SD59430U-HNI have auto track working ? I did the latest firmware update although things look more organized it still doesn't auto track any better. Most times when someone crosses my 10 trip zones it never moves. Thanks
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    New POE switch problems

    Hi i just installed a used 24 port POE switch from Ebay I have two PTZ cameras that were already using poe injectors and showed up on my NVR After i plugged one of the cameras into the poe switch i don't see it in the nvr I tried a manual add, that also didn't work My question is my home network...
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    Mac book to Dahau camera for setup.

    Is anybody using a Mac book to connect to their Dahua camera for setting up? I tried chrome with its plug-in and its buggy, some settings wont save and you cant see tripwire or intrusion lines. Safari and firefox it wont down load plug-in Anybody get a Mac to work?
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    Auto Track problems

    Hi i have a SD59230U-HNI, i have three presets with intrusion and tripwire in each preset Should I have auto track enabled? It seem to auto track some what but not like i would like I thought i read on her to turn auto track off, so i did I also used fixed cameras to trip the ptz ,it seem if i...
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    Dahua DH-SD59430U-HNI Auto tracking help

    I have been trying to tweak my auto tracking, I have 4 set cameras sending my 59430U to presets. When the ptz goes to the preset it stays there, till another one of the stationary cameras trips and it goes to that preset. I would like it to go back to a home position after, but it stays at the...