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    Car Doors Checked

    Just some upstanding citizens making sure my doors were locked last night. One of the them was doing his part in reducing covid by wearing a mask. Not sure if he knew I had a camera but he walked up pretty non chalantly. I was dead asleep since we had been on vacation for a couple days and...
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    4:50am Visitor

    Drunk Russian guy showed up on a golf cart. Tried to open my truck doors and then actually rang the doorbell. I already knew he was out there since Blue Iris had pushed notifications to my phone. I opened my window from the top floor and tried to speak with him but he started speaking Russian...
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    UI3 audio setting

    I purchased an iPad and the audio stream/volume setting seems to be moved or not visible on ui3. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it. Can someone please point me in the right direction? This is my first time using ui3 on an iOS device. I’ve tried the safari app and chrome. Not getting any...
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    I wonder if the little one made it?
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    Dahua NVR Channel Question

    My brother is ordering a couple of these dual "booby" cams: I have one of those and added it to Blue Iris but he is wanting to use an NVR (haven't been able to convince him otherwise). If he orders 4 of...
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    Settings Help

    Can some of the experts here take a look at my settings and tell me if this is as good as it gets with this camera? I'm trying to dial in my settings. This is the camera: IPC-HDW5231R-ZE. I'm not sure if my expectations are too high but it seems like I've seen video reviews with this camera...
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    Neighborhood Breakins

    Woke up this morning to posts on next door that several people had their cars broken into. The attached picture was from a neighbor down the road. The perps didn't come in my driveway because we didn't have any cars parked outside but everyone around me was probed for unlocked doors. Found out...
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    Unifi VPN unusable from T-mobile 4g

    I have a Unifi UDM that I setup with a l2tp/psk VPN. It had been working perfectly for months. When I was away from home, I could connect through my Galaxy S20 on 4g to view cameras and had full access to my LAN. Speeds were reasonable. I could stream and view all my cameras well. I noticed a...
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    Close call for the chipmunk

    My buddy Bones was huffing and puffing at the back door this morning. Figured he had to go pee or something but when I let him out, he ran straight out chasing something. Quite unusual since he doesn't move like that much anymore... he's 12 years old. Couldn't figure out what it was until I...
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    Ghosting/Blur on BI Recording

    I am getting ghosting/blur on my recordings but only when viewed through BI- both the main windows application and through the server/android app. The weird thing is that If I export the clip/recording, the ghosting is gone. It plays back normally. Seems like the direct to disk recording is...
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    Network Layout

    I am slowly upgrading my home network components and getting deeper into the Unifi ecosystem. My IP Cams are not allowed internet access since I have given them each a fake gateway ip address but I'd like to further isolate them as well as my IoT devices (alexa, smart plugs, smart light...
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    Motion Detection Settings

    Need some input on how to setup my motion detection settings. Please bear with me as I'm a complete newb here. I've been reading and researching for several months and finally ordered some starlight cams from Andy as well as the Nelly's doorbell camera during the black friday sales. Slowly been...