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    Control 4 or Savant Automation?

    Have any of you integrated your surveillance system with Control 4 or Savant Automation?
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    Which Bells Reign Supreme?

    Is there a certain doorbell or two that stands above the rest? It would be great to see a shootout amongst the top contenders.
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    UNIFI Protect NVR

    Any chance that this NVR will allow integration with existing Dahua ipcams like the 5231 or 5442? Thanks!
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    Flood Lights & IPCams Don't Mix?

    I always thought that a motion-activated flood light would seriously blow out the IPcam image for a while (possibly critical moments) as the auto-iris corrects. So, is there a way to make this work? I see that Dahua has this Floodlight cam, and as I mentioned I always thought these two items...
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    Dahua, Single Mount, Dual-Camera?

    On a typical corner of a home, I suspect that it's optimal coverage to have two cams mounted, with different views. Is there a single Dahua cam that fits two 5231 or 5442 level cams in a single housing? I think it might look better cosmetically. Thanks, R
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    My UNIFI switch was showing one of my POE devices as “Zhejiang 38:21” with a vendor label as “Zhejiang”. Have you ever noticed that on your Dahua cams? I do see that name associated with Dahua but I was surprised to see it.
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    UNIFI Cams...?

    So, I know I’ll be burned at the stake for mentioning this but, do you like the UNIFI cams? Do you have experience with that ecosystem? I’m tempted to buy into the system just to test it so that I’ll fully know how and when to deploy. Is there something really appealing about UNIFI Protect and...
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    NA Models of 5231 & 5442?

    Just out of curiosity are there Dahua cams intended for the North American market that directly match the specs of the now famous 5231 EZ (turret) and the new 5442 that some say replaces or competes well against the 5231? Are the same exact cams in NA but sold under a different model number and...
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    Dahua Logo Vs No Logo?

    Can you please tell me the difference between Dahua Logo Vs No Logo? Also, why are the firmware versions different?
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    Configuring Date/Time

    When I first setup my 5231 cam 2 years ago, I think I just used "Sync PC". I think this changed and it was off by 20 years! What settings do you use? Do you favor a certain name server? Thanks, R
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    How to change from PAL to NTSC?

    I have a 5231 turret cam, and I see that it is set to PAL and I want to change it to NTSC. Can you help me change this? Thanks, R
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    Why does the Dahua firmware upgrade process suck?

    The procedure for Dahua firmware upgrades really sucks. Jumping through the hoops..... 1) locate the firmware and DL; 2) Log into cam GUI; 3) save config; 4) reboot cam; 5) install new firmware; 6) factory reset; 7) find your cam on a subnet you are not normally using; 8) update settings...
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    IPC-HDW5231R-ZE Firmware?

    Where can I fetch the latest dependable firmware for the IPC-HDW5231R-ZE? I’ve had this cam since 2018 and I’m finally ready to mount it and thought it would be wise to update the firmware. Thanks, R
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    Mounting 5231 box or not?

    When mounting a turret style Dahua cam such as the 5231, would you mount direct to the soffit or use a junction box?
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    What Cat-6 cable do you recommend?

    I'm about to order some network goodies from Graybar, and I need more network cable. I have a box of 5E that will do gigabit but I wanted all new purchases to be Cat-6 or better. So, is there a certain brand or certain model of UTP Cat-6 cable that you prefer? Yes I will run POE: access points...
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    IPC-HDW5231R-ZE, Still Top Dog?

    For high quality night vision, is the IPC-HDW5231R-ZE still the undisputed world champion? it’s been a couple of years now, I expect it to be refreshed or to have some competition at some point.
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    Artificial Intelligence & Facial Recognition...

    I noticed that in China they have software that dies facial recognition and AI and other fancy stuff. They instantly know who’s who and what they are wearing and the license plate and car make/model and your government identification, etc. What software would analyze the video like this and...
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    What non-China made cams...?

    With the state of affairs that we have at the moment with the coronavirus the world is being reminded how much were overly dependent on China and I wanted to consider what ip cams might you consider that are not manufactured in China? Thanks, Robert
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    Is the 5231 still TopDog?

    Just more than a year ago I bought a couple of updated 5231 models where everyone seem to rave obout the low light capability and that 1080p was the way to go for these turrets. So, has the lineup changed in the last 9 months or so? Does the 2mp 5231 have some competition from a 4K camera yet...
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    Adding 2nd 3.5” HD to SSF EliteDesk?

    Can I have two 3.5” HDDs in the SSF EliteDesk? Assuming G2/G3 or newer, can I have the ssd and 2 3.5” drives installed? Would it require extra wiring or brackets? If so are those parts available? Thanks, Robert
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    DisplayPort vs HDMI....

    Many of the recommended business class PCs suggested for BI have DisplayPort video output and no hdmi port. I’m told that this can be adapted and I see that passive cables are available as well (DisplayPort to hdmi). If you’re buying a new PC the third port can be configured as hdmi (instead of...
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    What EliteDesk for BI?

    @fenderman as I recall your recent favorite PC for BI is an HP EliteDesk. I spent a couple of hours studying the different models and searching the net... is there a certain sweet spot model? I assume 800 G4 is too new and the G1 is too old. What would you be looking for today for your personal...
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    How many internal hard drives...?

    Although I have no idea how many cameras I will have in the end, I’m starting with 2 and can see having at least 8. Assume 2mp, 15fps, h264, continuous recording and 30 days of retention if possible and with some room for growth. Perhaps the motion clips are saved for 30 days and the continuous...
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    Saving an event from multiple cams...

    Using BI, do we have the ability to gang-select clips for download? I saw a recent tutorial video where it was quite a few steps (disabling cameras and such, I'm sure that was not necessary) to download a clip and where the clip range was only usable for that one clip. So, I would hope that you...
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    Running BI on a VM...?

    Okay, after a lot of reading, I know that the leadership here recommends to run BI on bare metal... However, I have several non-Mac things that need to be hosted on my LAN and if I buy a PeeCee for each thing seems like there will a bit of clutter that could be avoided. A major benefit of VMs...
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    Continuous or Motion Recording?

    Do you recommend continuous recording or just motion events? When I was mucking with NestCam it recorded continuously and it set markers that allowed a quick scrubbing of long videos and it was easy to save a clip. So, what do you recommend? Currently I’m running SecuritySpy on a Mac with...
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    Firmware Upgrade—Best Practices.

    For Mac-users, what’s the proven workflows/tools for firmware upgrade or downgrade? Should there not be a certain public web page with the Dahua firmware available for download, complete with a list of changes in each version? Might you have such a url? The wiki does not provide this data...
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    New IP Cam Configuration--Recommended

    I'm back from my travels and I purchased a new UNFI POE switch that I like very much so far. Now, that I can see the camera (via external POE switch) and can make changes to the camera settings, what camera setting changes would you recommend? Obviously, I would change the IP address to one of...
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    Noob IPCAM Installer Needs Help!

    Wow, I thought the hard part was going to pulling cable through the attic! I have a Mac and a PeeCee and not having any look seeing my first ipcam. The camera is getting POE power and it can be seen with Smart PSS where I changed the IP address to be the same network as my client computers and I...
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    My First Order--Better than the IPC-HDW5231R-ZE?

    I'm ready to order a couple of varifocal cams to get started.... Last August the most attractive thing to me was the new 5231 (IPC-HDW5231R-ZE). I like the new look better than the three-eyed mongrel. I feel like we are on the verge of having close to or better 5231 night performance from a 4K...