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  1. handinpalm

    Progressive Liberal Hypocrisy

    I fully understand your decision to leave Commyfornia. May want to think twice about moving to FL, all the scumbags have already beat you to it. This place is not the same it has been, and I am thinking about getting the hell out of here, after 43 years. It is very crowded around here also.
  2. handinpalm

    intruder in the driveway and carport

    Good for you going out and confronting that SOB. I think I might have used those bolt cutters on his head. Maybe take his shoes next time so he may have problems running off. Seems like we need to bring back the use of some bear traps.
  3. handinpalm

    2nd Amendment thread

    We have a grocery store called Sprouts that post the no gun sign out front. Irritates me when I walk in. These are the type of places the lunatics would like to hit. Even more reason to carry in that store. I think I will print some of those cards and post out front. I also notice that some...
  4. handinpalm

    IPC-T5442T-ZE missing zoom

    It is in the camera GUI, Settings -> Conditions -> Click on Zoom Tab.
  5. handinpalm

    More of Moms Bats

    I only see those larger bats, once in a blue Moon around here. The small bats are here every night like clock work. Even motivated me to install a Bat House, but no luck on anyone moving in, yet. Love the Bats and their eating habits.
  6. handinpalm

    Another Guy Makes A Pit Stop

    Another good video. Why was this IPCT ad under your posting? Maybe pick one of those up for the neighborhood. AI is watching these postings.
  7. handinpalm

    Weird sighting after security system and camera installation

    I agree, I think everyone got hoodwinked from this guy. How did this perpetrator get his daughters phone # to ask about her panties? She counts her underwear?? Sure is easy to work everyone into a froth. As someone else said on this security cam forum, "if it is not on video, it did not happen".
  8. handinpalm

    IPC-T5442T-ZE IPC-T5442TM-AS SMD 3.0 Smart IR Latest New Firmware From EmpireTech

    Great investigation and resolution on this firmware problem @Wildcat_1 ! Thanks for all your effort to make the 5442's the best cam. I take my hat off to you. I will save your "new" procedure for updating firmware. Probably needs to be archived in WiKi.
  9. handinpalm

    Portable rig...don't laugh.

    Good job. I would rotate that mount 180 degrees to get above all the alum on the crapper.
  10. handinpalm

    That camera is following us...

    Great video. Good job on the tracking!
  11. handinpalm

    Dahua Camera Captures Home Invasion

    So it happened in the LA area? He will probably get 1 week probation, if they even go after him. Just goes to show you this day and age that camera/burglar alarm signs, and motion sensing lights do not mean a damn thing. I have first hand knowledge on that. The only thing these SOBs will...
  12. handinpalm

    Mailbox monitor using Shelly Wifi Motion sensor & Blue Iris

    Good job on the setup. Looks like your mailbox is molded plastic. WiFi may not work very well inside metal mailbox.
  13. handinpalm

    Facial Recognition.... or not....

    If this teen was white, you would not even hear about it. Another BS story.
  14. handinpalm

    Dahua 2231 NTP Issue

    I also have the sync NTP problem on HDW-4231 EMP-AS camera. @EMPIRETECANDY do you have the latest firmware for these? Will the 2231 firmware work?
  15. handinpalm

    Off -the-hook NFL player Richard Sherman attempted break-in

    Another national hero from the National Felon League.
  16. handinpalm


    Both vehicles have G Door openers are integrated into rear view mirror. She walked past a $2K electric bike about 10x, but did not take a second look. I keep the battery inside. When the Deputy saw her that next morning, she was on a bike. I was lucky there, I Never leave keys in the...
  17. handinpalm


    I found her arrest record online, but they stopped posting mug shots. $10K bond. Looked up her given address on Google maps and saw her posing out in front of house w/ a Bud in hand. This was from 2019 Google street view and looks like she only has a few tattoos on left arm. She was also just...
  18. handinpalm


    I got a call from the Sheriff dept and they stated that this little thief is now sitting in the county jail on felony burglary. The cameras have won again! Another great job by our Sheriff Dept. Only thing moving around last night was the Coyote. Where was he when I needed him. Set YT...
  19. handinpalm


    I have caved in to setting my alarm system at night, while at home. Something that I have been very hesitant about doing, just for the thought I need to do something like that while at home. Just one more step to protect yourself in the everchanging fucked up world. I guess we can thank all...
  20. handinpalm

    Dahua 2231 NTP Issue

    Yes, Dahua 2231 are the cams that I have a problem with time sync. I have the cameras syncing to the BI server, which uses net time for correct time. The BI server time stays correct, but camera time changes -1 hr over time, even though camera is still pointing to the BI server IP. Have tried...
  21. handinpalm


    Yes, Dahua 2231 are the cams that I have a problem with time sync on net time also. Will look at your other thread, Thanks!
  22. handinpalm


    Yes, I have pre-trigger alarm notice, but it is not on the most used door. I guess I can place a note on the other doors and use alarm. The ironic thing is, my entire side/bark yard is fenced with 6' wood/vinyl privacy fence except a few places where it is down on the neighbors fence. My...
  23. handinpalm


    I wish it was only 7 minutes. Those videos were only partial. She was in the screened back porch/pool area 2x for a total of about 45 minutes. She spent most of the time cowled in the corner picking up the pool screen skimmer looking at it like it was a mirror. She was probably in the garage...
  24. handinpalm


    You are right, I think she only got my flashlight. There were even rolls of quarters in the center console of the truck, and she looked right at them with the flashlight. It is like she came over to steal something, but forgot what to steal?
  25. handinpalm


    Roger that. I have firewall setup for rules and DST. Just about all my cams sync good. except for a few. I am beginning to think it is a firmware issue. I will be removing the BI time stamp. Some of the left overs from a while back. Now I have to go out and wash all the charcoal from the...
  26. handinpalm


    Yes, now I realize the time stamps are off. I have all of them synced with net time, but it seems after a time change they get out of sync. I go in and manually change it, and for some reason they convert back 1 hr. It is a PIA. May have to try changing/saving with different browser than IE...
  27. handinpalm


    I got up this morning and reviewed my videos, thinking I would catch a rat crawling up Palm trunk, and saw a little thief breaking into my house. My phone for the push alerts was in the next room and did not hear it. I was dead tired from boating that day and fast asleep. I now will sleep...
  28. handinpalm

    Rampant ransomware.

    Most likely the best way to control this ransomware it to outlaw cryptocurrency, until the $ can be tracked to users. Until then it is open warfare and we are going to lose. Nothing is going to happen until a ransomware attack causes major catastrophic problem with the power/water...