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  1. TheWaterbug

    All my Alert clips are gone.

    BI on Win10/64. 11 cameras, of which 9 are recording Continuously to a USB-connected box of 4 disks in an 8 TB Storage Space, which is currently 49% full of video (about a week's worth). Substreams and Direct-to-Disk are enabled on all cameras, and CPU is running <<<<20% on my...
  2. TheWaterbug

    How to download non-Alert video?

    I'm still learning BI,, so apologies if this is newbie question. I have my cameras set up for Continuous recording, and I have what I think are fairly sensitive Trigger setups: But BI didn't detect this coyote, right in the middle of my frame. He traveled from the upper left...
  3. TheWaterbug

    Refurb tower with space for a 4-bay drive cage?

    I'm finally considering building myself a dedicated BI machine. I hate hate hate opening up PCs and messing with internal cabling, so I would love love love to buy a tower with enough room in the front for a 4-drive cage similar to this $65 gizmo: This occupies three full-sized (5.25") bays...
  4. TheWaterbug

    Amcrest camera video with embedded timecode?

    I have an Amcrest IP5M-T1179EW-28MM and an IP5M-B1186EW-28MM watching my trail for wildlife, and I like to take the motion captures and assemble them "2-Up" like this, to show the action: Right now I'm doing the assemblage in DaVinci Resolve, which is super powerful software, and free! But...
  5. TheWaterbug

    Scan YouTube archive for motion-detection?

    I have several cameras that stream to YouTube almost constantly, watching for an event to happen, such as a swarm of bees moving in or an owl moving in. When this happens, it's easy for me to find out when it happened, because the pre- and post-event streams are so completely different. But...
  6. TheWaterbug

    Watch a swarm of bees move in in 3 minutes!

    The outside camera is an Amcrest IP5M-T1179EW-28MM, while the inside camera is an Amcrest IP5M-B1186EW-28MM. I chose the bullet for the inside view so that it would fit inside a 3" ABS baffle. Cameras are streamed separately to two YouTube channels via 2 instances of ffmpeg on a Raspberry Pi...
  7. TheWaterbug

    BIG Owl on my Trail

    My guess is that it's a Great Horned Owl, but I can't tell because it's too fast. I'm using external illuminators with my IP5M-T1179EW-28MM (downhill) and IP5M-B1186EW-28MM (uphill). Do you think I can get away with a faster shutter speed?
  8. TheWaterbug

    Quadruple Coyotes in my back yard!

    Just in case there was any doubt that coyotes travel in packs. I believe the lead coyote with the stumpy tail is a female:
  9. TheWaterbug

    Power a POE cam and a Wyze cam off of one POE run?

    So the OwlCam is up the tree, and I have a POE Lorex camera peering into it from the side of the box. If an owl ever moves in, I might want to mount a little Wyze cam under the eave, to capture motion events when the owl parents arrive with prey. Wyze cams want 5 V on micro USB, and AFAICT...
  10. TheWaterbug

    Sunshade/Sunshield for IPC-HFW4431R-Z?

    I bought two of these white-box Dahua bullets, and they definitely need more of sunshield than the tiny little one that's integrated into the housing: Google finds nothing! Does such a thing exist? Or do I have to make my own?
  11. TheWaterbug

    Can't Set HFW4431R for DHCP, but only for 1 out of 2 units

    I purchased two of these OEM IPC-HFW4431R cameras from amazon. They look identical, they report the same software versions (2.420.GP01.22.R), and their MAC addresses differ only by their last 2 octets. I brought Unit 1 up on the network, changed the admin password, changed the TCP/IP settings...
  12. TheWaterbug

    14 cameras and counting!

    I'm not "new" new, but I never introduced myself here, so here I am! I bought my first IP camera, an Axis 205, way back in 2004 when my son was born. I hacked in my own passive 12 V on the 4 unused wires before I knew that POE was even a thing! Now I have 14 cameras in regular use, with plans...
  13. TheWaterbug

    Are cable "glands" from different mfrs inter-mateable?

    I have a bunch of Reolink cameras, one Amcrest cameras, and one dead Microseven camera. I just mated a Reolink cable end to the Amcrest camera end, and that worked, so they're compatible. My ancient Microseven camera doesn't even have a gland. What other gland brands do y'all have, and...
  14. TheWaterbug

    Bullet Camera with barrel diameter of 75mm?

    TL;DR version: POE IP bullet with cylindrical housing of 75mm OD to fit inside a 3" ID ABS housing Close focus of 4" or better, as this will be looking at owlets inside a box RTSP, because I'm using ffmpeg to push this to YouTube Resolution, frame rate, and other features are not critical $100...
  15. TheWaterbug

    Recommendation for an OwlCam?

    I put up a Barn Owl box in hopes of attracting one to eat all of my gophers: I have an old MicroSeven POE camera inside an ABS baffle mounted to the side of the box: and an old Reolink RLC-411 POE Zoom camera looking at the outside from about 50' away. It's OK during the day: but it's a...
  16. TheWaterbug

    Recommendations for IR-triggered POE trail cameras?

    TL; DR: I want two IR-triggered cameras to catch moar coyotes. I have two cheap Reolink RLC-410 cameras looking up and down the equestrian trail at the back border to my property. Click here to stand approximately where Wile E. is standing in the above photo, and then pan around to see the...
  17. TheWaterbug

    USPS Throws My Package

    Your tax dollars at work: Due to the shape of my entryway and the eaves, the impact sounds louder than it actually was. It was just a t-shirt in the box, but it sounds like a case of crystal champagne flutes. :lol: Here's what she does if the packages are too heavy to throw: Yes, I...