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  1. Superior Security Experts

    I know im gonna get ripped on but best battery powered wireless cam?

    Hi guys. I already know hardwired is better. But I need to offer something competitive to diy because I've been losing out on a lot of bids lately. What's the best battery wireless cam out there? Everyone wants alerts so something that detects humans and not a tree or bug.
  2. Superior Security Experts

    Joystick for ip ptz

    Wondering if there's a way to control a ip ptz camera with a joystick. Nvr is an Alibi 64 channel. (Hikvision) and ptz cam is Alibi. Currently can drag mouse to move cam but want to use a joystick. Any suggestions?
  3. Superior Security Experts

    Driver’s license reader

    I need a device that will store driver’s license pic on hard drive for a club/bar. Anyone use one that works well?
  4. Superior Security Experts

    Difficult lighting- gentleman’s club

    I’m bidding a job that is very dark, has black lights, and customer doesnt want the red ir’s visible. Is there a low light camera that can do this? Black and white picture is ok.
  5. Superior Security Experts

    Anyone build a custom computer here?

    Hi all. I usually use standalone Nvr. But I have a customer who needs a lot of custom features that the Nvr cannot do. Wondering if there’s a reliable and honest guy that does this?
  6. Superior Security Experts

    Viewing Nvr on smart tv separate location?

    I have an older customer that wants to view his cams from a separate location on a tv in his office. Anyone know easiest way?
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    Dome cleaning advice

    If you have experience cleaning dome cameras or any type please tell me best cleaners and soft towels???
  8. Superior Security Experts

    Horse farm. Multiple buildings

    Hi guys. I don’t use wireless cameras often. But this customer wants 20 cameras placed on 9 different buildings. Besides trenching are there any wireless options? Unfortunately these buildings are metal.
  9. Superior Security Experts

    Help choosing kit for low price customers

    Hi guys. I just started own biz recently. Currently I use hik via alibi-observint technologies. My biggest challenge is residential customers who don’t want to spend much. I need to offer a reliable hardwired kit that has a low cost. Any suggestions? No junk.