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    NHD-815 (IPC_388M) Firmware Update RSTP

    So I'm stuck I tried to vi dvr.xml to update the setting and It wont let me. I guess I'm a noob at this :) support_onvif="1" support_rtsp="1" I get "dvr.xml" file is read only
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    NHD-815 (IPC_388M) Firmware Update RSTP

    I upgraded the firmware on my Swann NHD-815 cams and now they don't work with Blue Iris but still work with the Swann DVR. They worked before the firmware upgrade so I know Swann did this to us. Problem is I have 8 of these things and now I am upset, so I am going to try to unlock them. I...
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    Swann NVR-7300 dead

    Don't upgrade the firmware on the NHD-815 ( IPC_388M ) to any of the following firmware it will disable RSTP. I did it and now it only works with swan dvr and before I was able to use Blue Irs. I am going to hack this thing I hate the Swan DVR. I wished I remembered what version I was on...
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    I want to upgrade my Swann NVR's hard drive.

    I had trouble upgrading to a 8TB would only see 4TB internaly. I ended up just putting a 4T internal
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    Blue Iris Support

    I tried the email support link but all that does is create a message on your clip board to past in an email. I will try to email them from another email account.
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    Blue Iris Support

    I have been emailing support about my license multiple times over the last few months with no reply does anyone know why? Or can point in a way to get a hold of them. Thanks George.