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    New Dahua PTZ will stop working after X amount of movements

    I warn You about new Dahua PTZ cams. For me: DH-SD49425XB-HNR The camera will stop Tour operation or autoPan after X amount of movement cycles. It will then go into Disabled mode and only manual movement will work. On the screen i see "Camera locked" and Tour Disabled. Few days before it showed...
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    New Dahua cams are not HiSilicon based, watch out!

    Just wanted to let you know that new series of cameras that Dahua are selling are not HiSilicon based. They use SigmaStar/Mstar CPU/DPSs with NN (SSC339G). Just got one of them, firmware is SecureBoot, crippled. Testing the stability. Was able to decipher firmware and get inside but those CPUs...
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    Dahua RTMP Stream to YT

    I finally got finished a software for a Dahua cams to support direct streaming to platforms like YouTube. Functions: - direct stream to RTMP of selected Channel (or Substream) - works in camera itself, no OBS, ffmpeg etc, - not ffmpeg based - can support cams with or without Audio (if there is...
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    IPC-HF81230E 12Mpix RAW video

    Just for you to check:
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    Dahua 4K PTZ video

    First 4K video dump by myself:
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    Did Longse stole Hik UI?

    Check this out: Latest Filseye camera.
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    R3 camera - 5.4.0 PSH gone.

    R3 camera - 5.4.0 PSH gone. Original:
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    IPD R7 5.4.0 SSH-enabled firmware, PSH disabled

    Firmware for R7 Speed domes like 2DE-5220W. Upgrade first to normal 5.4.0 then use this upgrade. Cheers.
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    HIK 4K camera with good Lenses Demo:

    Just to let you know. Hit 4K in YT quality switch: Cheers.
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    Anybody with DynaColor (or OEM) Z-series camera?

    Hello, I search for someone that has DynaColor Z-series camera or it's OEM (it's firmware ends with NSZ). Need some help with it. Anybody? Tom.