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    Jumped from BI 5343 to 5364 and tonight to 5365 My SMS alerts have stopped on most of my cams but BI shows the alerts

    So Since I jumped up from 5343. all but my front door alerts have stopped sending a SMS. BI shows the cams ONVIF alerts are occurring just not sending out the SMS except for the one. SO I know my SMS setup is working. Did I miss something. Cam setups and Alert setups all appeared to be...
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    BI Video Network IP Camera Config settings for the 5442 and motion sensor questions

    So I have been working on my camera settings and I noticed under the network config that BI sees my 5442 as a Generic/ONVIF and the model option it choose was the RTSP H.264/h.265/MJPG/MPEG4. This is the window you open under the BI "Camera Settings>Video Tab>Config Button" So now I assume...
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    Andy Thanks

    I love dealing with Andy. I started a conversation Monday about availability, Ordered items on Wed evening MST, had the items in hand on Friday morning. Both orders have been super fast and easy.
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    Varifocal Cam questions

    OK So I was looking at the specs and reviews on some Dahua cams: IPC-B5442E-ZE IPC-HFW2831T-ZS IPC-HDW5831R-ZE But I noticed none them support ONVIF, I am planning on using BI and I was liking what I saw until I realized they were no ONVIF. Or maybe I miss read some of the info or is there a...
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    Need input on camera options for this doorway

    So I am trying to find a camera option, with either 2.8 or 3.6 mm Lens and mounting position for my doorway. The goal is to keep an eye on packages and catch faces on walk up. Packages are normally left against the bench side wall and window to the left of the door. I know for facial/id 8 feet...
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    Blue Iris/TV PiP on motion question and Home Assistant

    I am looking at doing a Blue Iris implementation, with 4 or 5 IP Cams, Blue Iris would be running the on a windows server 2016 setup, I would use 2 nics at the server one for security vlan and one for my LAN. I am wanting to trigger on either motion detection, line crossing/area intrusion. I...