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  1. jayleoness

    BlueIris desktop app plays sound thru sever - not on the remote access computerr

    I have my sever that runs blueiris setup in another room and I remote desktop in from a different computer when I want to use the software. I noticed that the sound does not play on my computer but rather comes out of the sever tower. How do I make the sound playback on the remote computer I...
  2. jayleoness

    No sound in .bvr playback - sound everywhere else

    Sound works in the following situations Blue iris when cameras are tiled for the live view, I click one and white box appears around it, audio till play from that camera Blue iris mobile app - playbacks from alerts and live video But when I open a .bvr file to play back a previous recording I...
  3. jayleoness

    IOS Push failure - 2146893016

    I have 4 cameras on BI. Have been getting push notifications just fine. I needed to disable the alerts on my phone for one of the cameras so I went into BI and went to that specific camera, clicked the gear box icon (settings) and changed alerts to Never from "this camera is triggered." Few...
  4. jayleoness

    No picture when on LTE using Blue Iris mobile app - Can I make streaming video quality adjustments?

    When i access Blue Iris from my phone via wifi everything works great, but when I am on LTE/cell phone data I can log in and open the app but the camera boxes just show blank or black screens. I am assuming the data isnt strong enough to stream it. Is there a setting where I can lower the...
  5. jayleoness

    Camera setup for small HOA neighborhood street

    Our neighborhood is a small dead end side street off another residential road. We have about 12 houses and are in our own hoa. The idea came up about adding cameras to our street/neighborhood. As I said we are just 1 small straight dead end street. What is generally the best way to use...
  6. jayleoness

    Running BI as service, does it run after restart without log in?

    I have BI setup to run as a service. I only have 1 user on my computer with BI. It has a password so after a restart it just sits at the login screen until type in the password and log me. My question is after a power outage and my PC resets, it will rest to this login screen. Will BI be...
  7. jayleoness

    Best Remote Desktop software for my setup - Teamviewer or use the VPN in router

    I have my blue iris PC setup on a dedicated PC with a VPN setup thru my router so I can access remotely from my phone. Id like to set the PC tower on a shelf with no monitor and whenever I need to access it just use my main desktop. Is teamviewer the best option for this? As I was reading...
  8. jayleoness

    Forgot the io address I changed my cameras to - how to find?

    Have some dahlia cameras and have them loaded into blue iris. Forgot what I changed them to though for when I want to access thru the browser. How would I find out? I have the second NIC and I have them on that I know
  9. jayleoness

    Trying to open BI recordings from harddrive, says i need to run as admin

    I am already logged into my admin account on windows 10. when i try to open video it says you must right click and run as administrator. i dont see that option when i right click the video file im pretty sure this issue just started happening when i removed the password to my windows 10...
  10. jayleoness

    How to receive a picture or video with camera trigger push notification in BI app

    I have successfully set up the push notifications on my phone when the camera triggers. Is there a way to get a picture or a few second clip of what triggered it along wit hthe notification? whether in the app or elsewhere to my phone
  11. jayleoness

    Great quality one minute, next minute everything dims with shadows appearing

    I attached 2 photos just a minute or 2 apart. Any 1 know why there is such a large difference between the two. I changed no settings. one minute it is picking up all the shadows and the next they completely go away. the shadows are still present when I physically look at the pool area. the...
  12. jayleoness

    Alert push notifications - shows only live feed, not triggered motion

    Is there a way to set it up so that when a push notification comes to my phone from a triggered alert, and then when I swipe to open it, it shows me the motion that triggered it? right now it just takes me to a live feed of the camera and I cant even figure out how to go back and view the...
  13. jayleoness

    Help setting up Iphone BI app

    So I now properly have my dual NIC BI machine setup (I think). Trying to get the mobile app to connect. I open the mobile app and enter my license key, it looks up the LAN and WAN which match what it says when I am in blue iris -> settings --> web server. I press connect and it says unable to...
  14. jayleoness

    Setting up dual NIC question

    So I just got all my cameras run, have the OptiPlex with dual NIC installed. Blue iris is installed. Before I add to blueiris I wanted to setup the dual NIC as recommend here for security. I am reading this thread Dual NIC setup on your Blue Iris Machine but am curious if the only ethernet...
  15. jayleoness

    Optimizing your computer for blue iris

    I know and have read the thread on how to configure blue iris for optimization in ternana of cpu usage. I am curious if there is anything that should be done on the pc outside of blue iris to optimize for surveillance and blue iris performances. Perhaps disabling some windows security features...
  16. jayleoness

    What are the risks with not having a dedicated blue iris pc

    For someone with 4 cams at their residence for simple monitoring inna low crime area, what’s the purpose of having a dedicated blue iris pc? My main desktop which is mainly used for web browsing and light gaming is over qualified to run this camera load, i7-8600 16gb ram. I’m not worried if my...
  17. jayleoness

    Is this acceptable blue iris machine and can I add 3.5 drive.

    Wanted to confirm that this would be an acceptable blue iris machine for me. I have done the calculator on here and believe this to be more then ample but just wanted to make sure and get any feedback. I have never bought a used pc before so not sure if there are keywords to look for either...
  18. jayleoness

    Smallest tower/form for blue iris pc

    can someone recommend a model I should be searching for or what the smallest tower I can get that would work as a blue iris pc? I’m using 4 x 4mp cameras. My main concern is size and would like to buy smallest tower pc I can even if it costs a little extra.
  19. jayleoness

    Blue iris pc - ssd plus hdd?

    How important/where would I see the difference between having an ssd to store blue iris clips vs having a standard hdd I have been looking into getting my pc to run blue iris and came across a post where someone mentioned something about clips being stored on your fastest drive and then the...
  20. jayleoness

    Installer came out for quote - said I need switch w/ 15w per port

    So I have 4 Poe cameras that I need to have run through the house. I started out a little iffy on this guy when he asked what nvr I was going to use and I said blue iris and he didn’t know what that was, then when I told him it’s a software on my computer he said he doesn’t recommend that...
  21. jayleoness

    What do you think of this equipment an installer is selling me?

    What do you all think of this setup that an installer has quoted me. just 4 cam setup, 3 4k cams for outside (corner of driveway, corner of backyard, front door) and one 2k cam inside. 4k might be overkill but I have a little extra to spend on this. This setup is just for basic surveillance...
  22. jayleoness

    Blue Iris vs NVMS - whats the difference

    Bought a new house. New to all this stuff. I dont understand the difference between blue iris software and NVMS7000 software. Or are these functionally the same? you install cameras and these softwares manage them?