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    IVS Tripwire on Dahua

    Has anyone written up a guide of sorts on IVS Tripwire on Dahua cameras (ex IPC-HFW5231E-Z5)? I seem to struggle to understand the logic. There is a “detection zone”. Should this be used big to the boarder of the frame to allow time for an object to be noticed before the trip lines, unless...
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    Light IR cut filter firmware fix?

    Did some version of firmware improve the hysteresis / light sensitivity switching (BW to color) of the IPC-HDW5231R-Z? I ran across this last year. I "fixed it" by going to all color with a bit of extra light. I no loner want to leave the light on in that location. I had forgotten how bad...
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    Lines power motion light option

    I am thinking of installing a motion light system in my large open office space. The primarily goal is to encourage a perpetrator of a window break in attempt to chose to exit vs grab. I will gladly eat the cost of a window vs losing stuff. The secondary goal would be to increase pixels on...
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    Effective light output per IR LED

    Does anyone have a good feel for the light output per LED at some useful distance as it relates to camera shutter speed? I am not sure that LUX is a good measure at 850nm, as I expect that the camera is way more sensitive to 850nm than to visible light of the same lux rating (just a guess), but...
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    Professional video doorbell for a Small Business

    Has anyone found a good solution to a professional video doorbell for a small business? GRANDSTREAM IP Video Door System seems promising at first glance, but others don’t seem to like it. As far as I know we are still suck with the Ring lineup, which is decent for various situations, but does...
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    Missing 90 deg flip

    It appears that my DH-IPC-HFW5231E-Z5 does not support a 90 (or 270) flip to corridor mode. Am i missing something, or is this a feature drop? Flip mode 1 and 2 fail and in the browser interface i only see 0 and 180). The data sheet shows 90 and 270 however, and it is the same firmware as...
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    encode Smart Code "Open" vs "close:

    Does anyone know what the setting in the Dahua encode section of Smart Code "open" vs "closed" does? Isn't H265 already a smart codec?
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    Lite H.265 series?

    How does the Dahua H.265 series fit in the mix of ecosavy 3.0 and lite series? They all support H.265?
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    PTZ presets: wireless or cell or mechanical button

    Is there a decent way to use a remote of some sort to go between 2 or three presets on a Dahua camera? I am up for trying almost anything, so long as the end result is fairly clean and robust. Thoughts are programmable RF remote to a IP gateway, cell phone app, wall buttons with or without...
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    Initial setup Not recording problem

    I am just starting to set up BI. I think i am missing something very obvious in the setup process. I think it is not recording 24/7 (direct to disk). It is however recording clips. It is also generating files in the "new" directory. The reason i think it is not recording, is two fold...
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    BI basic questions vs Dahua NVR

    I am still dragging my feet in my home setup NVR. For one thing i figured that memory prices would come back down, but they have not, and another thing the availability of low priced I7 6700s is poor, likely due to the prevalence of laptops in the workplace now. As i look into this move again...
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    IPVM annual subscription?

    I have wondered for quite a while why the IPVM forum site is so expensive at its lowest price tier. I would think that many times as many people would subscribe to a forum that had person service prices that were a fraction as high. Who can justify $200/year besides a successful multi-person...
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    BI on Intel NUC6i7KYK?

    Has anyone tried running BI on the i7 NUC with either an external USB-C Thunderbolt or SATA drive (open case) connection, with the OS on the internal M.2? I would think that it would work pretty well. Not really cheaper, but smaller...
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    Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 fast playback help

    This is probably a dumb question, but i just stated messing with the Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 that i put in our small office. How do i review the video remotely in high speed? I can use the web interface, and i discovered that I can add it a device in SpartPSS 2, where it shows up as a device type...
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    pixels and bit rate

    I am confused about what is happening to the pixels and bit rate when i display live feeds. If i run something like SmartPSS on my computer (ex main stream) from one camera full screen on a 1080P monitor, i see a bit rate (ex 1900 kbps) and a resolution of 1080P. when i reduce it to 1/4...
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    Zoom and lense size math

    I hope someone can help shed some light on this for me. I do not understand why the lens range and the zoom range are so far off, according to Dahua's data sheets. For example, for the DH-IPC-HFW5231E-Z5, i see that the zoom range is from 7mm to 35mm (5 to 1), but the actual zoo is from 35...
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    Indoor corridor mode

    I am wanting to set up a couple of cameras in corridor mode in a small office (indoor). Does anyone here have experience with having done that? My thought was to either use the turret or the dome version of the 5231 Dahua, and place the camera as far away as i can at maximum zoom in corridor...
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    Indoor door camera recommendation wanted

    I suddenly find myself being pulled in to a side job of helping select security cameras to watch the various entrance doors in an office space. All of the cameras will be looking down hallways at 36" wide doors. At 100ppf a 2MP camera covers 19 ft, so there is no shortage of pixels on...
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    model number difference

    What is the difference between the E-Z and the R-Z model numbers? like in the HDBW5830E-Z and the HDBW5830R-Z? I couldn't see any difference, except for some reason the E-Z is 1" larger. Is there a Dahua cheat sheet?
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    Price and value of zoom

    It seems like the new Z5 zoom cameras are a good value, at least in the StarLine lineup. I don't think we have any Z12's yet to see if that trend continues. So far it seems that there is only about a $10 difference to the Z. The PTZ seem to be another matter however. Going from the 4x zoom...
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    Low light 4Ks

    Are there any reviews of the newer Stavis 8mp (4K) Dahua cameras? They would likely have less than 1/4 of the low light performance of the starlights and maybe 1/16 of the U starlight, but i think they will be way better than older 3mp and 4mp non- starvis models, and of coarse there is 2x the...
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    Good value for BI hardware?

    I saw this from Monoprice. it seems like a pretty decent choice for NVR for BI after adding a purple drive or two? Is the Intel HD Graphics 530 about the same as the newer 630 for BI? HP ProDesk Intel Core I5-6500 3.2Ghz 4gb Mem 500gb HDD DVD-RW Win10 Pro 64bit Desktop -
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    Auto focus, Beam angle, and Usable area.

    Does auto focus work well on a slow moving object? If I zoom in (max zoom) to 12mm on a varifocal camera like the HFW8232E-Z and start from a couple of hundred feet out and then approach the camera (I think @nayr did something like this while checking it out), do I stay in focus all the way in...
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    Video linked Conference Rooms

    I want to set up two rooms in two different locations into a bridged conference situation. I would like some advice for gear and techniques to use. I see this as each room having a 42 inch display from the other room’s camera and two way audio. I am thinking that either a wide angle fixed...
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    What is the deal with PoE 24V? UBNT?

    A short while ago I would have claimed that PoE was a 48Vdc injection/decoupling onto the twisted data lines of Ethernet wire. This technology fell under an IEEE standard (802.3af now at). Now i see a fair bit of 24v gear (cameras, routers, APs, bridges, switches), a lot of it from one company...
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    SmartPSS version with windows 10/64

    I was going to check out Dahua's SmartPSS software, as it is mentioned here a bit. I see that i have two obvious options of versions to chose from. Choosing the "latest" is not so obvious. Thoughts? If i had to take a SWAG, i will probably pick the older 2.00 version. 1. the jan 23 2017...
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    HikVision Network ports for what?

    My 2CD2142FWD dome camera has four network ports in the configuration area. I get that the HTTP port is for browser based communication (video and config). Is there some simple explanation as to what the other three are used for and not used for? I guess that the 443 is used as encrypted...
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    Ethernet cable tester replacement recommendation

    Ethernet cable tester replacement recommendation I recently discovered that my old reliable 15-year-old 468 cable tester does not survive connection to PoE (50VDC). The transmitter died (smoked) by the time I got out of the attic and back up the ladder. Sad, but my own lazy fault. I...
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    Camera wiring and mounting best practices

    I now have a Hikvision dome and a Dahua varifocal bullet. They both have what appears to be a common bundle of cables from their base. The base appears to have a hole that the cables pass through and if submerged in water would pass into the head (but I am not sure of that). What I don’t get...
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    Ethernet Wire sticking putty?

    Has anyone used (and liked) some sort of cold tolerant putty or very viscous caulking sealer for cramming Ethernet cable in and around the eaves? I have used staples before and now see there are some close tolerance curved (6mm dia) staples and staplers, but the problem with them is twofold...