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    Cam #7 and #8 are up (finished)

    This is a followup to my last post detailing cams 5 and 6: Cam #5 and #6 are up (includes dual starlight) Parts used: Dahua 2.8 mm IPC-HDW4231EM-AS 2MP Starlight on PFA 130-E Water-proof junction box (patio) Dahua 6 mm IPC-HDW4231EM-AS 2MP Starlight on PFA 130-E Water-proof junction box (west)...
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    Someone at Monoprice needs a kick in the nuts

    My previous box of 1000' Cat6 was fine so I got a 500' box of the same to complete my installation. I measure the cable lengths needed, pull them from the box, and re-coil them for carrying into the attic. This latest box won't coil nicely AT ALL. There are minor kinks every couple of feet and...
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    Which firmware adds WDR mode to backlight options dropdown (IPC-HDW5231RP-Z )?

    I purchased a IPC-HDW5231RP-Z from Andy about a year ago which has firmware 2.460.0000.15R dated 2017-09-07. I noticed my latest purchase of a IPC-HDW4231EMP-AS fixed starlight has firmware 2.800.000000.0R dated 2018-12-26 which now includes a WDC option under backlight control. This mode seems...
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    Example of dome vs turret in rain at night

    I know its been discussed before, but I thought I'd share some side-by-side photos of domes vs. turrets with IR enabled in the rain. "EastFront" is a Dahua HDBW4231F-E2-M/M12 dual starlight mini-wedge (dome) mounted on a PFB203W wall mount bracket so the domes face downward. "Gate" is a Dahua...
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    SD card disappeared from 3 of 6 cameras

    It was functioning and receiving clips the last time I checked, but now its just not there as far as the web UI says. I power cycled one of them but it didn't help. Is there anything else I can try that doesn't require opening up the camera?
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    Would you put a camera here? (diagram included)

    I am working my way from front to back installing cameras. The three locations left are in the back of the house, colored red, orange, and green. The orange camera under the patio cover will see a door, slider, and window. The green on the right side of the patio cover will catch a living room...
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    City upgraded to LED street lights

    The tract was built in the late 60's and the lights were probably just as old. They were very dim and orange-ish. The new LEDs are much brighter and probably 4000-5000k. The light is on the pole in the front yard. The difference isn't as dramatic in B&W mode as it is in color.
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    Cam #5 and #6 are up (includes dual starlight)

    This is a followup to my last post detailing cams 3 and 4: Cam #3 and #4 are up Parts used: Dahua 3.6 mm IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M/M12 2x2MP IR Mini Dome on PFB203W Water-proof wall mount bracket (outside) Dahua 2.8 mm IPC-HDBW4231F-AS 2MP IR Mini Dome on PFA139 Water-proof Junction Box (garage)...
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    Indoor motion sensor placement

    I've been reading about placing infrared indoor motion sensors for alarm systems. They say to keep them away from windows and HVAC vents and don't aim them at windows. So if you have a room with windows on one wall and a vent on the opposite wall, where the heck do you put it? Do they mean to...
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    Ring Alarm vs indoor cameras

    As I progress on building out my exterior Dahua/Blue Iris camera setup, I have not missed the fact that should someone get in without triggering an alert (or if I miss it), I'll have no idea what's going on. My first thought was to add a few interior cameras but I'm not sure about the WAF on...
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    Trash zombie deterred by cameras?

    I saw this creature a couple of weeks ago and he skipped my cans. This week, I didn't have any recycling (blue bin) out but I saw him rummaging through the can from a house two doors to the left, just out of view behind the white car. In this video, he enters from the left and rides past the...
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    Dual starlight mini-dome for side of house

    Specifically the 3.6 mm IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M/M12 This looks like a good camera for the east side of my house which has all of the bedroom windows. The wall with the neighbor is maybe 7' from the house. So, its a long, narrow corridor that I need to cover. I know domes are not ideal for outdoors...
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    What size PVC conduit for 3 cat6 cables?

    I'll need to run 3 Cat6 cables together through about 15' of conduit under the roof overhang before reaching the first camera. Do you think 3/4" will be OK or should I step that section up to 1" to make pulling easier?
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    Cam #3 and #4 are up

    This is a followup to my first post detailing cams 1 and 2: Two cameras up - notes and pics included After I made the post above, I installed a Blue Iris PC with continuous recording enabled. Parts used: Dahua HDW4231EM-AS 6 mm fixed starlight turret with PFA130-E waterproof junction box...
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    Wow, IR reflections on domes are no joke

    I've been using all Dahua turrets so far but picked up a mini-dome for the garage where having a lower profile will keep it out of the way. I also wanted to test it vs a turret for the front door since I have a porch light that will be in frame. With the IR on in a dark garage, just a small...
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    Max bitrate for 1080p starlights

    What max bitrate do recommend? I'm using H.265, smart codec=off 10 FPS, iframe int. = 10 VBR, quality=6 (best)
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    Does the 4231F-E2-M Dual Starlight wedge have enough range of motion for this?

    I think this camera might make a nice door+package camera, if it can be aimed in the right directions. Both cameras would be in landscape (wide) orientation with one aimed higher to capture people from the waist up and the other camera aimed down to see packages. This is the approach to the...
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    My test rig: rev.2

    As all noobies are advised to do, I made a test rig from a bucket, rocks, and a 2x4. Not content with the original version, I made a lot of special modifications myself. One problem I had with v1.0 was that after moving it around a few times, rocks got between the wood and the bucket, making it...
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    Turret vs mini-dome lens flare

    I have a 5231R-Z turret that I'm using for testing. I'm currently working on positioning a camera to cover the front door area. I would like to use a 4231F-AS 2.8mm mini-wedge dome for this location. I will not be using IR. Option #1 - To the right of the door, above the doorbell. This location...
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    Do you port forward to your BI machine?

    My BI machine lives on a separate subnet along with the cameras so even if it got owned, it would not have free run of my LAN. Still, exposing anything to the Internet carries risks. I wouldn't dare expose a typical NVR or camera to the Internet, but at least Windows is actively maintained. How...
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    Two cameras up - notes and pics included

    Parts used: Dahua HDW4231EM-AS 3.6mm fixed starlight turret x 2 Dahua PFA-139 junction box x 2 Samsung 128 GB Evo micro SD card x 2 3/4" schedule 40 PVC conduit & conduit bodies 1" metal conduit clamps Monoprice solid copper Cat6 cable (already had) Cable Matters 12 port Cat6 wall mount patch...
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    Dahua wall-mount bracket vs. junction box

    What is the practical difference between a wall-mount bracket such as the PFB204W and a junction box such as the PFA139? I will be using starlight eyeballs with some cameras rotated to corridor orientation to see along the side of the house. Does the wall-mount bracket get the camera farther...
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    Most used focal length?

    I'm still doing tests with my Dahua 5231 vari-focal camera to determine the best focal length for each location. It looks like I'm going to be using mostly 4 mm cameras with a few 6 mm units. This is for covering the outside of a single family home with neighbors nearby so maybe half of them...
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    Preferred angle of view for 90 degree inside corner?

    I'll be putting a camera in the corner of a covered patio. One wall has a door while the other has a window and a slider. The camera I want (Dahua 4231) is available with either a 100 degree or 87 degree angle of view. One would show at least some of each door/window while the other would show...
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    Painting grey PVC conduit

    I've looked up how to paint PVC but I haven't seen anyone specifically address the grey UV resistant variety. It seems like paint doesn't like to stick PVC. Who has painted PVC?
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    Dahua PFA137 vs 130E junction boxes

    I currently have a single 5231R-Z camera and a 130E junction box but have not installed them yet. I have test assembled them and found that the rubber grommet through which the camera's cable passes makes adjusting the eyeball's aim difficult, at least on the workbench. Even though the PFA137 is...
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    Tree causing underexposure at night?

    I have a 5231R-Z and a test rig. One side of my house doesn't have much on it, but all the bedroom windows are there. Picture 1 shows one bedroom's window and my test rig. The window actually has two sliding parts, the left of which someone tried to break into a few month ago. I couldn't get...
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    Camera works with everything but Surveillance Station

    I have a Synology with Surveillance Station 8.1 and have used it with a cheap Foscam. I just purchased a Dahua HDW5231R-Z. The Dahua works fine in a browser, Blue Iris, gDMSS HD and TinyCam Free. I have tried changing the Surveillance Station settings to match the codec, resolution, frame rate...
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    Are Dahua vari-focal lenses constant aperture?

    Specifically the HDW5231R-Z The specifications say it has an f/1.4 lens, but is it still f/1.4 when zoomed to 12 mm? I am an amateur photographer and know that cheaper zoom lenses become slower (smaller aperture) at longer focal lengths, requiring a combination of higher ISO or slower shutter...
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    Which camera placement? (pics included)

    This is the side of the house with the only gate to the back yard. The red lines represent an interior wall and the ceiling. I'd rather put holes in the attic space above the living room or the garage wall. The top of the Window is about 7' from the ground with the ceiling line being about 15"...