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    Computer Vision Engine Screen

    Does anyone know how to pull up the Computer Vision Engine screen in Sight Hound ALPR? This page has an example of what I am looking for: I can view the results on a webpage localhost 9600, but would also like the get the other video...
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    Review : TPC-BF1241 Dahua Thermal Bullet Camera

    This is a review of the TPC-BF1241 Dahua Thermal Bullet Camera, specifically the TPC-BF1241-D7F8 model with a 7mm thermal camera lens and an 8mm visible camera lens . It's being done with a lot of help from our good friend Andy. If you are interested in purchasing this camera, you'll need to...
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    --- No Longer Available --- GeoVision GV-VMS 3rd Party Camera Dongle x16 licenses.

    --- No Longer Available --- Selling (1) 16 license GeoVision GV-VMS 3rd party camera dongle. The cheapest online price I could find was around 40.00 per license. Accepting REASONABLE offers. Free shipping only to the lower 48 states.
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    Bicycle Crash & Burn

    Fortunately he only suffered some road rash! The camera is the IPC-HDW5231R-Z mounted in a tree.
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    Andriod Push Notifications

    Just set up BI and now trying to use the Push Notifications to an Andriod phone. After a motion event, the phone gets an alert, I tap on the alert and all it does is bring up the attached screen, and that is it! What is the app supposed to do when a Push Notification is acknowledged? I have...
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    ---No longer available--- GeoVision NVR 3rd Party Camera dongles

    Selling 3 GeoVision NVR 3rd party camera dongles. Two of them are 4 channels and one is 16 channels. $40.00 each for the 4 channel and $150.00 for the 16 channel. Free shipping to the lower 48.
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    Continuous Recording + Trigger Playback

    New BI5 user. This is something that is probablly simple and obvious, but I have spend 2 days trying to figure it out with no luck. I have one channel that is set up as "Triggered + continuous each". I cannot figure out out how to playback the "continuous" part of the recording. The...
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    WTS Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 V2 16 Channel NVR

    -No longer available- Thanks! Selling a "like new" NVR5216-4KS2 V2 16 Channel 1U 4K & H.265 Pro Network Video Recorder. This was purchased from Andy about 2 weeks ago. I need more channels and dual NIC's and am going with the NVR5432-4KS2. Firmware version 3.215.0000000.3 build date...
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    Sky Cam

    Looking to buy or build a camera for night time sky viewing. Right now, I am using this: GeoVision Inc. GV-FER5302 5MP H.264 WDR Fisheye Rugged IP Camera - PoE, WDR, Tracking, ONVIF Profile S It is a Geovision 5mp fisheye. The FOV is good, but the night time sensitivity is very poor. I am...
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    WTS Dahua DH-SD29204S-GN Mini Black Face 2MP PTZ Camera (needs repair)

    --SOLD-- Dahua DH-SD29204S-GN Mini Black Face 2MP PTZ Camera (needs repair) --SOLD-- Price drop $40.00 shipped. Selling a Dahua DH-SD29204S-GN Mini Black Face 2MP PTZ Camera. Pan has a problem: Something wrong with the x axis motor-gear assembly. Tilt, Zoom, Video, and IR still work...
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    WTS Hikvision ds 7608ni-e2/8p nvr

    --SOLD-- Hikvision ds 7608ni-e2/8p nvr Sold. Price drop 5-25-2016. $200.00 shipped. Hard drive no longer available. Selling a HIKVISION DS 7608NI-E2/8P NVR. Like new condition. Used for 2 months. Has the Noctua power...
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    PTZ joystick controller for IP cameras

    Looking for recommendations on a PTZ controller for IP cameras, specifically for Hik and Huisun cameras. Would rather use a joystick to control the cameras then the on screen buttons. Found this: HIKVISION DS-1100KI But it is way more than I need. Just need one that has all the basic...
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    WTS Synology DiskStation DS115j NAS

    ---- No longer available ---- Selling a Synology DiskStation DS115j NAS. One bay, no hard drive included. Comes with NAS enclosure and the power supply. It is in "like new" condition. Has about 2 weeks of run time on it. Ended up buying a 4 bay unit...
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    Huisum Mini PTZ + iVMS-4200

    Huisum Mini PTZ + iVMS-4200 PCNVR Picked up the 10X and the 3X models and really like the cameras. For the price, it can't be beat! Been running both of them thru iVMS-4200 PCNVR. In live view, I am using the mouse to pan, tilt, and zoom. Pan and tilt work great, but when I try to zoom, it...
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    Hikvision DS-7108N-SN/P 8 Channel 8 POE Port NVR

    ** SOLD ** Hikvision DS-7108N-SN/P 8 Channel 8 POE Port NVR ** SOLD ** Thanks IPCT! Price Drop 11-27-2015 Selling a Hikvision DS-7108N-SN/P 8 Channel 8 POE Port NVR. Like new and in excellent condition. Comes with the NVR, power supply, mouse, CD, and the box. No hard drive included...