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  1. Hound Dog 911

    New home installation. Wired IP Cam via wifi?

    I know the cardinal rule is hard wire. I've been without my system in our new home for a year because the attic is really a tight mess. I know my Dahua Starlights are better than most wireless cams and the cost is long paid off. Is there any reason other than the obvious that I can't use range...
  2. Hound Dog 911

    Wireless card in Blue Iris machine?

    Going to run my cable soon for my new home. To tie my Blue Iris server to the internet would a wireless card be sufficient for remote access?
  3. Hound Dog 911

    Moving and upgrading my camera system.

    I took your recommendations on here to get a used Dell for my Blue Iris server. It lacks expansion for hard drive space. Wondering what your thoughts were on expansion ideas? Are there network drives that it can be set to dump to? Would it be best to just get a 10 or 12tb and swap out the 4tb...
  4. Hound Dog 911

    Samsung Smartthings question...

    We just signed a contract on a new home so I'll be reinstalling our cameras. They are all Dahua cams running via poe. Do you think the same line running to the cameras would power the sensor below also? Would really like to not have to change batteries. Looking at 4 sensors in locations where...
  5. Hound Dog 911

    Need some advice on a camp setup.

    Been awhile since my Blue Iris setup was completed. It's still running great! Many thanks for all the help. On to the next adventure. I have a buddy that had his camp broken into. He's interested in a camera system. He has electricity on site. We need to figure out how many days between...
  6. Hound Dog 911

    Repurposed security cams...

    Analog cams used for first person view drone racing equals awesomeness! Some footage from my racing quadcopter fpv cam.
  7. Hound Dog 911

    Analog cams getting love with Drone Racers

    Analog cam getting a workout on my racing drone. Less than a week actual flight time in acro mode. Meaning it will flip and do anything you tell it to. I've cashed it quite a few times and these puppies are pretty darn tough. You wear goggles and the camera on the front of the drone sends you...
  8. Hound Dog 911

    Latest BI update..

    Not sure if it is the culprit. My router log is all whacked with redundant connections. Didn't notice until after the update. It seems related to the app connection.
  9. Hound Dog 911

    Custom Push Notifications?

    Would love to do custom push notifications. Voice commands like "Driveway Alert", "Front Door Alert", etc.. Possible or wishful thinking?
  10. Hound Dog 911

    Someone stealing my nuts! Dahua SD59 capture.

    Little tree rats! lol
  11. Hound Dog 911

    Loss of remote access after today's update.

    Anyone else? Everything functioned until after the update.
  12. Hound Dog 911

    Driveway cam.

    My starlight turret is mounted quite a distance up from my driveway and zoomed in. I want to get a few of these from Andy. IPC-HDW4431EM-AS 3.6mm focal length. I think it should be a good match mounted more level with the driveway. The other will become a bird cam for the feeder I built my wife...
  13. Hound Dog 911

    Netgear Router or Pfsense build?

    Is a Pfsense build overkill for my small home network? My netgear router has done fine as far as I know stopping intruders. Spec'd Pfsense system is about $300 bucks. I'd like more flexibility with my vpn. Something more friendly and native with iOS and Android apps to secure remote camera...
  14. Hound Dog 911

    Dahua Cam for bird feeder

    Please delete. Dup message.
  15. Hound Dog 911

    Dahua Cam for bird feeder

    Well here is my wife's mother's day gift. She has been wanting a bird/ squirrel feeder for the last 2 years and her and her sister gaudy them up as much as possible. I want a cam to setup on it for the wife eventually. Any recommendations? Night performance not required.
  16. Hound Dog 911

    Spider webs...

    Those who have high mounted camera's. Found a work around to knock down those cob webs that like to trip your motion detection. Used an aluminum telescopic pool pole with a thick microfiber cloth wrapped around the handle and gently extend up and knock off any unwanted critters and back in business.
  17. Hound Dog 911

    Setting up camera groups.

    I have 2 camera's that have pir's attached via a sealevel 120poe. We will label one Creek Side and one Back Yard. The back yard is my Dahua SD59 ptz and the creek side is a Dahua Starlight Varifocal Turret. If Creek side pir is tripped I want the ptz to swing to preset 4 which gives me an...
  18. Hound Dog 911

    Sunny/ Cloud Settings

    Putting a second of three pir's in tomorrow but still will be using motion detection in Blue Iris for the remaining cams. What is your settings recommendation for days that are constant cloudy then sunny all day long? I thought I had it worked out. Yeah I was wrong. Turkey hunting today and my...
  19. Hound Dog 911

    Impressed with SeaLevel

    Just received a follow up from SeaLevel on my 120 POE. Very nice folks! American made and tech support local as well. He popped in to look around here on the site. Would be awesome to see a representative to field questions on here for us. I am 100% happy with my purchase.
  20. Hound Dog 911

    A little off topic.

    I help out with my local high school Varsity football team. They have been fortunate to win 4 State Titles in a row. I've been blessed to be part of it for 3 years. They gave us support staff rings also. We supposedly have a Florida team coming to Maryland to play a high school football game.
  21. Hound Dog 911

    Suitable power supply for pir's? Pyramid - ps3kx - pyle ps3kx power supply 2 amp fully regulated: Musical Instruments
  22. Hound Dog 911

    New 120poe question?

    Blue iris isn't detecting the sealevel device. No boxes will light up under Digital I/O to allow me to set it up. Any ideas?
  23. Hound Dog 911

    PIR question.

    Can you wire 2 pir's together to increase coverage if needed. Just wanting a trigger for one side of the house. Was curious if it is possible.
  24. Hound Dog 911

    Sealevel Device

    Who is using a Sealevel device with their Blue Iris? Who that is using it finds it reliable? What model are you using? I have one camera with alarm connections and have 2 Bosch Pir's on order. I want to hook up a sensor on 2 sides of the house and have the ptz spin to the detection side...
  25. Hound Dog 911

    BI http web server

    All the security hoopla going around I decided to do some checking on my system. If I enable http Web Server under BI, I get a crazy amount [LAN access from remote] entries in my router log. Turn off http web browser and open up BI program (not the background process that is already running)...
  26. Hound Dog 911

    Doing it right!

    Tomorrow I am removing all of my Cat6a cable that's outside of the house and running straight into the house behind each camera. So all connections will be in the attic space. I'm still going to use the waterproof boots just to be on the safe side. No boxes or wires exposed. 1. I have the...
  27. Hound Dog 911

    Blue Iris Error

    Strange thing has been happening the last several hours. I try to open the client on the server. It errors upon trying to run the program and shuts the program down. BI is still running in the background. I shut BI down in services and restart. Click on the app again to open the program and...
  28. Hound Dog 911

    Next step in securing your home!

    Having an older home I'm not quite sure wired sensors for windows and such would be the best route to go. Sounds like a nightmare! I would like my future purchases to possibly tied into a smart home system. <-- If possible! Lord forbid they get into the house. We just won't discuss it. 45acp and...
  29. Hound Dog 911

    Setting up the Dahua WDR.

    I turned it on last night from within the camera software. Man it's awesome with the Dahua Starlights. Huge difference. Left the house without turning it off this morning. I'm learning the schedule and profile setup now. Which switch is it that activates it within BI. I searched the sight and...
  30. Hound Dog 911

    Security camera craziness!

    Being an avid hunter and gun enthusiast, I can tell you sorting through cameras is like buying a new firearm or bow. What caliber do I want? How far do I want to shoot? What am I hunting? It's information overload. My cameras passed through customs and would like to buy a couple more for...