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    BI HTTPS with Nginx Reverse Proxy

    I just setup a new Windows Hyper-v server in the house for my Plex tasks and the sorts. Part of this install was to get a reverse proxy using SSL/TLS certificates up and working with Nginx. Everything went so well that I decided to throw in access for my Blue Iris setup running on a separate...
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    Version 1.50.02 is bad!!!

    Just installed BI 4.1.2 and iOS app version 1.50.02 and something is not right now in the iPhone app. I am no longer able to view a single camera live feed without crashing. From the login screen click the camera icon to take to camera list, click on single camera for live feed crashes app every...
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    Hik DS-2CD2032-I Night time motion blur

    I am fairly certain that I have one of the camera settings wrong which is causing some fairly serious motion blur in night mode. My guess is the exposure time is set incorrect for night viewing (currently at 1/25 I think). What should this be set to for best results and not get a lot of motion...
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    Hikvision Bullet Install

    I recently got my Hik installed. Thanks goes out to @Lebeter for the post about custom mount solution that I used. I placed the Cat5e into the water tight flex pipe to ensure the sun doesn't damage the cable over time. I will end up painting the house soon and will paint the tube with house...
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    FREE: tinyCam Monitor PRO for IP Cam

    Amazon is giving away the app tinyCam Monitor PRO today! I have not used this app but thought I would share since it is free. (Please move this post if it is in the wrong section)
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    How to setup cam for garage lighting

    I am not sure how to deal with the lighting in my garage currently. In some cases it is darker (door shut) and in others, it is very bright (door is open to pull cars in/out). When the door is shut, most of the time I can see enough of a face, but when the door opens it lets in so much light...
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    Middle-School Girl Fights Off Attacker

    Here is a home surveillance video of a young girl fighting off an attacker. I hope they catch this scum. (Sorry for the external website link. I don't know how to embed an iframe video to the site)
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    Secure Remote Viewing?

    How does everyone secure their remote viewing (HTTPS/SSL) to their camera setups? When you view your Blue Iris or other software feed from your mobile or the web, is it really any more secure than if you are just port forwarding your cameras for direct viewing? Just as background, I am using a...
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    Hi Everyone! Been lurking a bit around here and figured it was time to introduce my setup (because after all, that's all anyone here wants to know anyway, right?). I started with some cheesy wireless VGA cameras to know when the kids come home from school while at work. I have recently been...