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    Connecting NVR to NVR for backup

    I like how the new V4 firmware lets you connect a second NVR to your main NVR for backup. I’ve tried other methods for redundant backup (NAS, E-SATA) but they all have issues and are far from perfect. The second NVR works perfect. Except for one complaint... the channel names don’t carry over...
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    Need Help With Multiple NVR's

    I am playing around with a second NVR, and im having an issue. When i add the second NVR to IVMS-4500 on my phone, it works fine as a local connection. But, when i set it up as a remote connection using my DDNS, thats when things get weird. That second connection will receive the feed from the...
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    How do I view my NAS Backup

    i have a NAS set as a "redundant" backup to my Hik NVR. in the event that my NVR is stolen, how would i go about viewing the data on the NAS? i have tried googling this, and can only find information on setting up the NAS. not reading it. i dont see a way to point ivms-4200 to it... i dont see a...