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  1. th182

    Neighbor takes out mailboxes

    Neighbor's mailboxes were laying in the street this morning so of course I went through video to see what happened. She came home early this morning and apparently had trouble backing into the driveway. Nnot out of the ordinary for her but I wonder if a liquid factor was at play since she...
  2. th182

    Dahua 2231 NTP Issue

    This came up in another thread and I figured it deserved its own as it sounds like a few people have the same issue. I have a 2231 from @EMPIRETECANDY that won't keep time accurately. When I first set it up back in 2019, I had it set to use the BI PC as the NTP server and the CST time zone. All...
  3. th182

    Minibike kids using the neighborhood as a racetrack

    Kids down the street routinely ride a mini bike down the street, annoying but usually not a problem. Well now they apparently think its acceptable to drive through lawns. Warning - no sound until the last few seconds - check your volume!
  4. th182

    Failed SD Card Behavior? IPC-HFW5231E-Z12E

    I've had odd behavior with my Dahua 5231 Z12E the last few days. It would frequently go offline in BI. I could ping it but not access it's web GUI. Went out and did a factory reset using the reset button and could then ping the default address but still no GUI. I popped out the SD...
  5. th182

    Shed Interior Temp to Blue Iris Overlay!

    Just thought I'd share a little accomplishment I achieved with BI and Home Assistant! I recently put a small propane heater in my shed to keep it warm when working out there and to hopefully keep liquids stored out there from freezing. All assuming I don't burn through my 100lb tank too fast...
  6. th182

    Amazon New Reverse Delivery?

    Yet another Amazon driver making the job harder than it should be. Edit: Action is about a minute in.
  7. th182

    BI Service Slow to Start

    Just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced an issue where the BI service gets stuck in a starting/stopped loop for several minutes after a reboot, eventually correcting itself and working fine. Doesn't happen all the time, usually after an update is applied. Anyone have a clue as to what...
  8. th182

    Car Prowlers

    Saturday morning we had three fools walking down our block at 2 AM checking every car door on the block. Only house they didn't appear to hit was my neighbor who has bright motion lights on their driveway. Two neighbors had unlocked cars but from talking to them it doesn't sound like they took...
  9. th182

    UPS Using Personal Cars?

    Looks like UPS has drivers using their personal cars now? This was an Amazon delivery. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. th182

    Honeywell Controller Info

    I have two Honeywell controllers and I'm hoping someone can let me know if they could be of any use to me. Otherwise eBay seems to indicate I could get around $100 for each of them :) I received a Honeywell HJC5000 and a HJK7000 "Video Surveillance Keyboard" from a business that was...
  11. th182

    FedEx driver saves the day

    FedEx driver passing by saw our neighbors PT Cruiser was smoking and put out the fire with his extinguisher. Neighbor said a cheap USB charger caught fire and that the interior was destroyed.
  12. th182

    Blue Iris calling PTZ preset unexpectedly

    I'm having an odd issue with Blue Iris and my SD49225XA-HNR PTZ camera. When I take manual control of the camera either in BI or through the camera's web GUI, Blue Iris will randomly call the camera back to Preset 2. In the camera GUI I have its Idle Motion set to return to Preset 2 after 60...
  13. th182

    I think I hosed my BI install

    This is long-winded but maybe another pair of eyes will think of something I can try here. Thanks in advance for reading! So a couple of days ago I did a reboot on my BI PC and in the process windows did some updates. When it started up all was good until the nightly database compact/repair. It...
  14. th182

    Fine-Tuning help - Daytime Plate Blur

    I've been pulling my hair out trying to get my LPR set up for daytime captures. I have a IPC-HFW5231E-Z12E set up on a pole 10ft from the road. Thanks to all the threads on here I am getting decent night images most of the time. Thankfully I don't need max zoom so the focus bug has not been an...
  15. th182

    Night Prowler

    Found this guy lurking around our house in the middle of the night. He drove by nearly 15 times between 2am and 5am. Scariest part is he appears to be wearing metal knuckles when he knocks on the window. Thankfully that’s just my office window he knocks on.. I have to rename that camera. We...
  16. th182

    Auto-Cycle Freeze

    I'm having an interesting issue with auto-cycle. I have a group set up with 10 cameras, 2-up and the other 8 to the side. I have it set to 1-up on motion. Works great! However occasionally, and seemingly with more frequency now, it will go to 1-up, and when it returns, the 2-up/8 screen only...