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  1. observant1

    Need some advice on solar power setup...for 3 cams and an ubiquity nanoM5 for power supplied to all.

    I've played around with the solar energy calculator in the ToolBox that has several different tools for configuration, but trying to figure the daily record time, and extra power for PTZ cam plus two motorized varifocal, that wont be zoomed in and out much after the customer gets bored playing...
  2. observant1

    DoorBird for entrance gate project

    edit... I've currently given a customer/friend the web address for the DoorBird. She wants something at her entrance gate at the end of her driveway. It's just what she needs. The hardest part will be getting the measurements so I won't need a lot of fabricating to install it in place of he...
  3. observant1

    Good option to use line of sight radio to support camera about 1/4 mile across a lake.

    Looking at ubiquity but open to any equipment to go from dvr to camera. Camera will be pole mounted. May have power at the pole/cam location.
  4. observant1

    Hornbill Security Cameras - who makes them?

    I do a few side installs and many customers shop around on Amazon and such. I'm gonna install 4 hornbill cams 4k resolution with 8 port nvr sometime in the next few weeks. I've never heard of them until i pulled em up on amazon. They clam to have 150 degree wide angle view, 2.8mm lens. 98 ft...
  5. observant1

    Anyone used a "Hot Spot" for monitoring at location without wired internet?

    Did it work ok? What happens if power goes out? I do not have any info on the Hot spot other than they said they could leave it at their lake house if it gave them access to view their cameras over the app.
  6. observant1

    ZOSI 1080p hybrid cctv dvr - any good?

    The reason I ask is I told a friend I'd install it in place of his HVR502A-16-S2 which is an unbranded dvr. He has 16 HCC3120S-IR/36 hdcvi bullet cameras thru his business. Also unbranded. Zosi is a cheap dvr, and thats why he bought it. The specs seem to indicate plug and play. ZOSI Full...