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    Monoprice cable recall

    I assume a lot of you will be getting this notice. I wonder how many people will want to rip out what took so much work to install? Monoprice Voluntary Product Recall
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    Mystery green overlay on smartPss

    Anybody know offhand what this green dot and number mean? It doesn't show up on the camera or NVR GUI, only on smartPss. Don't bother looking in the manual, already tried that.
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    PTZ control

    I want to make sure I'm not making a bad assumption (never happened before but there's always a first time)! I am assuming that with a Dahua PTZ camera, all of the PTZ control is done over the network interface and no other wiring is needed. Specifically, when the network connection is over a...
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    Accuracy of camera FOV and other specs

    In comparing specs of cameras with different sensor sizes it felt to me like the specs were inconsistent. After a lot of number crunching I'm convinced they are. General conclusions listed first. They're based on only 2 specific camera models so it's premature to apply them widely. Corrections...
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    smartPss process priority (windows)

    For all of the various bugs in smartPss, the biggest gripe I have is that it keeps setting itself to high priority, which really gums up the response of other apps on my i7 system. Anybody know a way to block it from doing this? I don't mind changing its priority one time after launching...
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    Dahua camera System Service settings

    The cameras have a long list of features that would seem to be of no use and/or a security risk for a small camera system. I realized that I don't know what a lot of them are, even though they are enabled by default. For example, on this settings page: Do we need to have any of these enabled...
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    Two BI new user questions

    1. I see the trigger highlights in the live view. Is there a way to have them show during playback? 2. On the timeline, is there a way to tell which camera caused a trigger, or a way to display triggers only from a single selected camera?
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    Route command help (windows)

    I wanted to access a camera at its default address of It's for sure online as the Dahua config tool finds it at that address. I typed the following route command: route add mask The routing table looks right to me: No response from the...
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    Single camera PTZ for a newbie

    I have a friend seeking info for something I know little about. He want to set up a single outdoor PTZ camera with remote access, and recording not required. I'm willing to help him set it up but I don't want to have it turn into a huge project or need ongoing support. I could just steer him...
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    Elite Desk 800 power question

    I have a new-to-me Elite Desk 800 G1. I notice that when it's supposedly powered off, the network jack is still active. Is there a BIOS setting to get everything turned off?
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    [Partially Solved] Lame IVS on IPC-T5442TM-AS

    (Edited to add findings after 7 weeks of testing and experimenting. Initial post is immediately below) The IVS on my T5442TM-AS won't pick up anything but large objects. It picks up people and deer, while dogs and cats walk right through the tripwires and intrusion boxes without detection. By...
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    Fiber optic couplers and other questions

    I'm looking at a ~300 foot fiber run, about 100' inside building 1, 100' in a buried conduit, and 100' inside building 2. I could pull a 300' run of outdoor cable, but I'd prefer to break it into 3 sections to keep the cost of the outdoor cable down, and to make repair easier and less costly if...
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    Win 10 migration to newer hardware

    This question has nothing to do with IP cameras. I just figure this is a good place to find the answer. The question is: If I clone the disk from an Optiplex 380 system running a 2-core Pentium E5800 CPU, and install it in a newer system, say a 5th or 6th generation core i5, will Win 10 come...
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    Can't login to IPCT with Ghostery running

    Anybody else notice this? It's new for me. Any workaround other than just disabling ghostery?
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    Article about camera hijacking

    Briton who knocked Liberia offline with cyber attack jailed Clip from the middle of the article: "The weapon, known as "Mirai #14" worked by secretly hijacking a vast number of Chinese-made Dahua webcams, which are used for security in homes and businesses...
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    4 watt IR illuminator comparison

    This post compares the following 4 IR illuminators: - CMVision IR-40 (not to be confused with the IR-4) - Tendelux AI4 - Jcheng clear face - Jcheng black face Using the following 2 Dahua cameras: - HFW4431M-AS-I2 for an outdoor test (shutter 1/15, gain 67, IR (when on) at 100%, FOV ~85...
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    MMX plugin crash

    Has anybody else had this problem with Pale Moon? The camera interfaces worked before, and all of a sudden this pops up. I've tried deleting and reinstalling Pale Moon, different versions, etc.
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    Dahua camera mod to power external IR light

    I've made an easy modification to 2 popular chinese market cameras to provide 12 volt power from their external power input jack (models HFW4431M-I2 and HFW4431R-Z). The same power components are in at least one model international starlight I looked at, so I'd expect the modification to be the...
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    Built in microphone characteristics

    I'm trying to troubleshoot an audio problem and not getting very far. Does anybody know what type of microphone is in the dahua turrets? If I hook it up to a line input (or scope) should I be able to detect some output? Or does it possibly need to be powered?
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    Successful alternate use of POE splitter

    My biggest gripe about the POE splitters is having to use the camera's DC power port because the splitters don't pass the power through to their network output. Just to see if it would work, I tried splitting the network wire to both the camera and poe switch, and not using the splitter's...
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    Comparison of mini bullet HFW-4231E-SE with 3 other cameras

    These 3 posts are comparing a newly acquired 6mm HFW4231E-SE 2mp starlight "mini" bullet camera to the three camera types I already use. Two of them are widely available 4mp chinese region cameras, and the other is a 2mp starlight varifocal zoom (in the bullet format). As a spoiler, I really...
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    Firefox ESR 52 vs. Pale Moon

    I've read posts recommending both Firefox ESR 52 and Pale Moon as solutions to the new and improved Firefox that breaks the web plugins. The question I'm left with is: Does anything work better with Pale Moon, or are the 2 solution more-or-less equivalent for use with the cameras?
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    Comparison of IPC-HFW5231E-Z and IPC-HFW4431R-Z

    Image-wise, it's in line with previously posted results: Overall, the 5231E gives a better image in low light situations, and the 4431R has a sharper image with more light. In the sample pictures, both cameras are fully zoomed, and the license plate on the fence is about 50' away. The 4431R is...
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    Different webplugin versions

    I've got several different Dahua camera models, and each model wants its own version of the webplugin or it won't display its video in the browser. Any way to get a single plugin to work with all of them?
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    Comparing HFW4431M and HFW4431K bullet cams

    Perhaps the biggest thing I learned is that it's difficult if not impossible to get correct specs for the Chinese market cameras. Probably not an issue if you can read Chinese. The specs on the ebay and aliExpress pages are overall approximate at best, often for a different camera than the one...
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    Fixed lens focusing

    I compared a couple of new 6mm cameras and found that the image on one was sharper than on the other. I assumed that the focus was set at the factory by robots and would be spot-on. Is it possible that's not the case and readjusting the focus is a sane thing to do? Is it difficult to do?
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    WTS LTS LTN8916 16 channel 4k NVR

    The NVR is sold. For sale, mint condition LTS LTN8916 4k NVR. No POE, all accessories except network patch cord are untouched and included. Original packaging. This is a current active model in the Enterprise Platinum line. It has a 4-core CPU, dual NICs, supports 4 disks, and is loaded...
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    Dahua NVR questions

    Two things I can't figure out from the manual (for a 52164KS2): 1. What is "Easy space" on the Alarm tabs? 2. If you're running headless, how can you initiate an NVR shutdown?
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    Cisco 300 series managed POE switches

    There have been little discussions in other threads about this product. I'm going to try to pull them into this one common place. Some features of these switches make them a good candidate for a security camera system: 1. Professional high performance product. 2. Good POE support. 3...
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    Stopping camera from phoning home

    There's been a lot of discussion on how to block cameras from accessing the Internet. What about this one: If you set up the camera with a static IP and set the default gateway to a non-existent IP address on its subnet, won't that block it from accessing the Internet?