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    Some of my hikvision cameras are not working

    If I’m at home and my phone is connected to the wifi all the cameras work but when I’m not connected to the wifi only 4 cameras work and 6 don’t , sometimes all them work but the majority of the time I only can connect to 4, I use a switch to connect all the cams and they record to the sm cards...
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    Camera stopped recording

    One of Hikvion cams stopped recording to the sd card, I’m able to see live but it doesn’t record no even when I press the record, I replaced the sd card, reformated, checked the configuration settings and it the same as the rest of the cameras, reset the camera to the original factory settings...
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    Hikvision camera keeps getting locked

    Hi guys, 2 days ago I noticed That one of my 10 cameras was locked, tried to login but it didn’t let me, it kept saying wrong password, the rest of the Cameras were fine, so I reset the password and everything went back to normal, a few hours later the camera was locked again so I reset the...
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    Hikvision iVMS-4500 question!

    Hi guys, I have 10 cams in my house and I love the iVMS-4500. Im planing to put 10 new cameras in my store, this will be separated for what I have at home. is there a way to download a second iVMS-4500 so when I want to see my home or store the cameras don’t get mixed and they open all togethe...
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    Power adapter for hikvison camera

    Guys, I'm using the power adapter from my Logitech alert 700e and it works great but I'm looking for something else that I can buy and that will work well with a hikvision ds-2cd2632f-is any suggestions? Thanks
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    Cant see my cameras using ivms4500hd app fpr iphone

    Guys, I'm able to see my cameras in my phone when I'm at home and I'm connected to my wifi but once I'm out of the rage of my wifi, I cant connect to the cameras even with mobile data turnedon. The register mode for both cameras in ip/domain and the port I'm using in the app is 8000. I when to...
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    Hikvision Password Reset Tool is not working for me

    Hi guys, I have two hikvison cameras ds-cd2632f-is, both cameras were working fine but two days ago when I was playing with the setting of one of them (I used the ip address of the camera to see the settings) I changed the http port form 80 to 1080 and i enabled the dhcp option for this camera...