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    Zones for different preset on same ptz?

    so.. can i have a camera... ptz preset 1.. motion are set.. ok.. If motion is detected, move camera to ptz preset 2 and have a different motion detection area.. when i use the edit zones,, and slect preset 1 and draw.. then select zone b for presset 2 they both appear on the same time.. when i...
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    6 second pre-trigger fail

    so i have my camera set with a 6 second pre-trigger and an 8 second break time.. Takes my AI about 400ms to analyze.. in the logs.. i see motion detected. 0:00.0.. AI analyized and triggers BI 0:01.0 then ios app is pushed a notification 0:12.0... it is taking 10-13 seconds for the app to be...
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    iOS push notification alert images sorta working

    So we are getting alerts and everything else fine sometimes we get in alert image push to iOS devices and sometimes we don’t what could be causing this
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    Camera Detection to Trigger Smart Light Switches?

    Has anyone done this?? I am starting my research today... i recently installed about 30 smart switches around my house and want to have them turn on when the camera detect motion late at night, the point is to give the cameras a better view,
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    is the pre trigger buffer not working..

    so first image is the Blue Iris Alert recording.. this is the Start second when the alert is opened. following that we go look at the AI Tools image where it detected this object. ... hold up.... hmm.. upon further inspection.... see image below... it actually seems the playback is...
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    Camera no playing video for triggered alert..

    All other cameras are seemingly working fine... in face almost ALL the cameras are sync'd to a main camera for simplicity,, i even deleted the camera and readded it, however it is just showing a still image and says the alert is 6 seconds but is just not playing/showing it... any thoughts off...
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    Live Feed Latency..

    Not sure what I did... computer has been off for a week.. turned it back on.. and now the cameras live feed updated every few seconds.. aka looking at the time/clock.. will go from,, xx:xx:22, xx:xx:26, xx:xx:31, xx:xx:35, like its back.. i removed EVERY Camera.. re added 1, turned off all...
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    IS there already an area for suggestions?

    I messaged BI Support a few days ago, but not sure if my idea/thought/suggestions made it to where they needed to be. In terms of the app.. primarily the ios as i do not own any android devices... the screen for which review the alerts.. would be nice if we can choose to see alerts by " Camera...
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    iPhone Push Notifications

    From Help ""As the notification is sent via contact with either an Apple or Google web server, you must ensure that the BlueIris.exe file has access through any firewall or other security software. In addition, as notifications to Apple require a security certificate that’s renewed annually, you...
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    Lorex SubStream

    I was told Lorex is a family of Dahua or Hikvision... i was able to get 1 camera to display sub stream on blue iris.. however i cant get any of the others to display it... just keep reverting back to main stream... im not even sure of the correct protocal to be using.. has anyone used lorex and...
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    Zone Crossing

    Im posting this here instead of customizing because i think its more of an issue i am having then a custom setup.. I have zone A, zone B and zone C setup as depicted in images attached.. and then i have the following settings for object detection and zones... ill attach images to kinda show a...
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    Cpu Generation

    so on this page Choosing Hardware for Blue Iris which was updated jun 2020, it list only 6th gen as the top end.. are we able to utilize a 9th gen i9 cpu? im runing 26 4k cameras, and i want 4k recordings and at the least 2/3k viewing.. with mobile devices that have 4k screens i dont see why...
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    Hikvision PTZ Speed Dome Too Cold?

    So we have a few PTX Speed Domes installed, and occasionally the cameras will turn off when it gets really cold. I have checked for a manual heater/fan control, as there was with WatchDogs PTZ Cameras, and Hikvision says its controlled automatically. the coldest it will get is ONLY 30degrees F...