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    iPC-T5442TM-AS cable pinouts

    Does anyone have the pinout or color codes for the iPC-T5442TM-AS? A critter decided he likes the camera more than I do and ate through the cable. I have about 6" of cable to work with adding a new rj45 jack. thanks
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    replacement Hikvision pigtail

    I have an older 3MP Hikvision that a squirrel seemed to like the taste of. It is a DS-2CD3332-I turret camera. Well, the squirrel ate the pigtail within a couple of inches of the camera and I have tried replacing the connector several times (and a neighbor with better eyes). I can see it power...
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    push notifications working intermittently

    This is a new system that I set up at my mom's house. I double checked all settings against my old system that worked since BI v2. It all looks the same other than I have multiple profiles on my old system vs one on the new system. The logs show that push notifications are being sent to my...
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    Can't add second BI server to android app

    I get the option to "add new server" but it does not do anything. I have updated the app to the latest and still don't get the option to add the details. Am I missing something stupid?
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    New BI build

    I was running on an old i7 3770k for my desktop and BI systems. I finally got around and upgraded due to BI eating up 60%+ CPU on the old one. The new build is Ryzen 9 3900x GTX 1660 Super 6GB MSI MPG X570 mobo 32GB RAM 1TB NVME Gen4 x4 This thing doesn't even notice BI is running, it hit 14%...
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    New install suggestions for low light area

    I am looking for cameras for my elderly mom's house. I have mostly older Hikvisions, but want to get her newer starlight dahua cameras. I would prefer turrets over dome or bullet for all of the cameras. One of the cameras will be mounted on a wall with weather exposure, so need to make sure I...
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    BI stopped working after OS upgrade and SSD swap

    I finally got around to upgrading the OS on my BI system and put in a larger newer SSD. The migration to the new SSD went fine. After upgrading to Windows 10, BI no longer recognizes its license. I tried to insert the latest license I had for version 4, and it wouldn't take it. Is there a...
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    lost my allen wrench for hikvision ds-2cd2732f-is

    Does anyone know what size allen wrench came with the hikvision ds-2cd2732f-is? I need to move or replace mine and need to get it apart. I was able to remove it from its temporary location (over 6 years is temporary, right?), need to get the cover off to remount it properly. Thanks
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    Camera fried or not?

    Hi all, We had our roof replaced above where 2 cameras sit. It rained between tearoff and getting all the flashing back up and 2 of the cameras got wet. They are Hikvision 3MP turrets, the rj45 connectors show burns on the jack and the patch cable. The camera also shows the same I replaced the...
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    Need wireless suggestions

    We have a 6000 (3000 over 3000 2-story) sq ft house and approximately 20 wifi connected devices. Currently I am re-purposing 2x ENH201 for 2.4ghz (one is primarily for my 7 wifi thermostats) and an ENH500 for the 5ghz side. I am looking for a simpler AP config to clean up the clutter. The...
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    BI x64 CPU usage drop

    Just updated to and my CPU has dropped from over 45% to 29-33%. I have 10x Hikvision 3MP running at 10fps and no HW acceleration. I have to say that is a great improvement. The lowest it has been since having these 10 cameras connected. These are running on an I7-3770k
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    Hikvision DS-2CD2532F-I(S) PoE issue

    We had a power failure, now one of my DS-2CD2532F-I(S) cameras won't power up. The PoE switch was on a surge protector and UPS. The other 9 cameras are working and the PoE port on the switch is still working (tested by moving another camera to it). Any suggestions to bring it back to life?
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    Rebranded Hikvision?

    This looks like a rebranded hikvision turret. Price is not bad for a US seller
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    Considering opening a shop to sell and install cameras

    I know several people here do this, is it a realistic business to consider? There was a small shop in my town that did low end cams a few years ago and they went out of business or moved. I am looking at selling Dahua and/or Hikvision (primarily) cameras and depending on the project BI will be...
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    Random crashing

    I am on x64 version and the last 2 days BI has crashed, has anyone else been seeing this? If not, it might be my setup. I recently removed BI v3 from my system, wondering if some shared files were removed.
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    Laser Ship in Atlanta launching a package

    The item was breakable.
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    I saw a clip of someone walking on my front porch this morning around 1:30AM. I looked at it and thought it was my wife trying to cool off from hot flashes. Asked her why she went out and she said she didn't. So apparently it was someone on my porch about 15-20' from my bed. I had already...
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    Hik 2032 4mm bullet

    Clear as can be, until the spiders find it
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    DS-7616NI-SE/P good or bad?

    I have been considering dropping BI as my primary and going with an NVR. Wrightwood has these on sale this weekend and I am considering it. I can't see what the max bandwidth is on it though and whether it is a good option...
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    Hikvision DS-2CD2532F-I(S) 3MP Mini Dome 2.8mm lens with audio

    Hikvision DS-2CD2532F-I(S) audio capture Someone brought me a package that was delivered to their house instead of mine. The audio is very good in this short video.
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    BI crashing since update to 3.63.03

    Below is the event log info from 2 crashes in the last 24 hours. Faulting application name: blueiris.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x2821ab7a Faulting module name: blueiris.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x2821ab7a Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x003b5102 Faulting process...
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    Braindead moment with scheduling

    I need to do the following I have 5 cams on my front porch and right side of the house I have 4 other cams facing the rear I use profile 1 during the day for all cams, but disable BI while I am home. No alerts, just recording on this profile. Don't need to record my smoke breaks and walking...
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    Supermicro Servers

    These servers were removed from service at the end of August when a local datacenter was shut down. All systems have been booted and config has been confirmed. All servers are 1U and will accept up to 4 3.5" drives, except for System #1, it is a 2U 6-drive chassis with dual power supplies...
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    Hikvision IVMS

    I am considering running IVMS in addition to my BI. I have the following system to use (I have 2 identical systems) Intel Sandy Bridge Core i3 2120, 2x 3.3Ghz cores, 3M L3 Supermicro X9SCL+-F socket 1155 server board, 4x DDR3 DIMM slots 4GB (1x 4G) ECC unbuffered DDR3-1333, 3x open, 32GB...
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    BI 10 camera install

    Finally got the time to get the 10th cam installed. 6x Hikvision ds-2cd3332-i (all running full 3MP) 2x Hikvision ds-2cd2532f-is (both running full 3MP) 1x Hikvision ds-2cd2732f-is (running full 3MP) 1x Dahua IPC-HFW2100SN (running 1.3MP) BI is running 44-54% cpu on an i7-3770k. Thanks a...
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    Decent little server for cheap Could be a good starter for cams..
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    Error after update to 3.57.00

    After the update to 3.57.00 today, I am getting the following on a Dahua camera. My Hikvisions are all working fine. Any suggestions?
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    Hikvision DS-2CD2532F-I(S)

    I still have to do the final conduit to the cameras. The audio is not terrible, it isn't audiophile quality, but works. The only issue was I had my cell phone sitting on the ledge of the transom window when I was playing with the audio at my pc. Forgot that BI was up and on that camera on my...
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    Hik turret install pics

    I moved one of my 2.8mm turrets. There is conduit running about 2' behind the camera in the ceiling and will have an flush mount access door when the ceiling is finished. I would have tilted it more, but the seam on the turret ball would have been exposed. That could be an issue if rain hits...
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    BI update to 3.54.01 detected as a virus

    I run Avast and it detected a virus on the update files. BI wouldn't run after that, I downloaded the full package and it installed without an issue. It must have been a false positive. This is the log info from Avast. 5/29/2014 9:01:17 AM...