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  1. brianegge

    Dahua NVR series

    I'm looking to replace a NV4116-HS with a 5xxx series NVR, mostly because I hit the 80Mbps limit (guess I should have planned better). I see under different brands there are 5200, 5400 and now 5800 series. The last two digits indicate the number of channels it can support, but are there hardware...
  2. brianegge

    Amcrest NV4108E-IP5M-T1179EW4-2TB Review

    I received a camera kit from Amcrest to install and evaluate, with no requirement to post a review. Amcrest NV4108E-IP5M-T1179EW4-2TB four camera NVR kit. Cost on Amazon: $429.99. I was interested to try out this camera system, though it is on the lower end of Amcrests line. I’m a fan of...
  3. brianegge

    Search audio recordings

    Anyway to search audio files for a bullet going off? I assume I could export the mp4 files from the NVR, then strip the audio out in ffmpeg. But I'd need some software to search the files, maybe some OSS AI audio tool? Hoping I might be able to help someone in my neighborhood: Ridgefield PD...
  4. brianegge

    Package detection

    I have a little write up on my project to notify me when a package is delivered. So, doesn’t work with AI tool /blue iris yet, but I may train a deep stack model for it.
  5. brianegge

    SmartPSS Mac M1

    Has anyone been able to get SmartPSS to run on an M1 Mac? I still have my old Mac's, but will hopefully deco them soon. I know many people are happy with Security Spy, SightHound, BlueIris, etc.. I have one Lorex DVR and one Dahua DVR and SmartPSS lets me view and playback just fine.
  6. brianegge

    Worst install ever

    I could not believe the install on the outside of a restaurant tonight.
  7. brianegge

    Deer alert, dog dispatched

    I’ve been progressively improving my system to detect when deer visit my property. As cute as they are I don’t like them eating my fruits and vegetables. So my setup will send an alert to my phone, showing a cropped image, but it also is assigned to a unique tone. My dog has learned the tone...
  8. brianegge

    It’s hard to tell the difference between a Ford and a trash can

    Ok, SightHound didn’t have high confidence, but I thought this was a funny mistake.
  9. brianegge

    "Empower" NVR4216 firmware

    I purchased a NVR4216 off ebay for $100. It fits 4HDD so should work fine. The firmware is English only and a bit dated. I've tried half the firmware files on Firmwares without success. It's not a major loss if I can't upgrade, but figured I'd try before configuring the unit. Device...
  10. brianegge

    Deer visits flowers, then garden

    Had a deer visit last month, visible across 4 cams. I'm working on a object detector to give me alerts when animals come for an uninvited visit, and I marked up the frames with what it sees along with the probability. The clip is quite long, so I only include 1 frame per second. The better the...
  11. brianegge

    DYI setup

    Thought a few people might be interested in my setup. I have 4k Lorex IP camera over my garage to watch my driveway. It's a little high, but I use it to watch for packages, critters, etc.. I have a Jetson Nano using a custom YoloV2 model to detect when a vehicle is in frame. When it sees a...
  12. brianegge

    Lorex Smart Deterrence IP Camera siren API

    I have eight lorex cams setup and use them to detect deer trying to eat my garden. These cameras all have a siren built into them which is plenty loud. I’d like for when the camera sees a deer for it to turn on the siren. I’ve read through the dahua api manuals and can’t find anything related to...