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    IPC-T5442TM-AS 4MP Settings Advice

    Hi I have the 4mp T5442TM-AS in my driveway and it likes to drift back and forth between a white and yellow shade at night. Currently all settings are default but I have tried setting the anti-flicker to outdoor and 60hz (currently set to 60hz). I have also set the WB to street-lamp. The street...
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    DB-11 mechanical chime rings 10 times

    Hi, Has anyone else had any luck solving the 10 rings of the mechanical chime when the doorbell button is pressed. In the imou app I was able to link the mechanical chime but now I cant figure out how to un-link it. Does anyone know what the Ring Setup A,B and C do? Thanks
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    Audio in BI App

    Apologies if this has been covered before but I could not find anything with a search. I usually have the al cameras group running full screen on my ipad. I want to monitor audio from one of the cameras but it seems to pull audio from a different camera. I can listen to the audio fine when I am...
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    WTS Apple AirPort Extreme 6th (latest) generation

    I've had this for just over a year and it worked very well. Upgraded to Ubiquiti for a little more flexibility. $100 shipped to the lower 48
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    WTS Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite ERLITE-3

    I purchased this and then decided to go with the Unifi Gateway instead. This is 1 week old and works just fine. $75 shipped to the lower 48
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    Package thief

    Nothing spectacular here but this car just took a package from a neighbors porch. The camera is a Dahua HDB4300F-PT that I bought a few years ago. Now that I need to read the tag I realize that having the wide view does not help with identification. I also regret not replacing this camera with...