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    dahua spare part cable for replacement

    hello, I m looking for spare parts. the cam is wifi dahua IPC-HFW1320S-W (not poe), i have disassembly the camera for cable damage. I tested continuity on the 12 pinout connector camera to the lan connector this is result red wire and black is +/- 12 v. where found this cable? I have tested...
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    hello from Italy

    Hikvision and Dahua installer and electronic repairer (sometime they still work... :) enjoy! Dixibru
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    help for Hikvision IR LEDs faulty (5 faulty leds)

    Hi guys, I disassembled the minidome camera DS2CD2112F-IW because the light IR does not work. I have tested with multimeter all IR leds and I found 5 faulty leds. Other 25 leds are good. Where I find it the replacement leds? what are the characteristics? voltage and wavelength? Thanks for...