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    Reverse Proxy + Dahua NVR

    Short question: how safe is a reverse proxy? Doesn't it make your NVR available for everyone, including hackers?
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    Review-Dahua DB-11 Video Door Bell

    Sadly no solution found yet.
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    DMSS push notifications not working?

    Easyviewer Plus is having same problems on iOS when it comes to IVS or SMD notifications...
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    Neighbor wants what I have but that's not going to happen.

    Folks from IPCT: buying directly from Andy, having the cheapest price possible. Also folks from IPCT: buying even more camera's then needed, because it is so cheap :D
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    SD1A203T-GN SD49225T-HN General_SD-Mao-Rhea_MultiLang_PN_Stream3_IVS_V2.800.0000000.6.R.210705

    Wait, will this also add AI to my SD1A203T-GN and SD22404T-GN which didn't have AI before? @EMPIRETECANDY
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    Tripwires --- ugh, I need help!

    Did you do a camera reboot every time you changed your IVS-settings. After all the good advice here above, I found out that I have to reboot my camera and wait some minutes after rebooting before the IVS really started working. Also turned off the motion detection. Can you try this?
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    DMSS 1.93.000 - Safe Download of APK

    It did, thank you!
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    problem notifications

    Upgrading iPhone first is always a good idea.
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    DMSS push notifications not working?

    Have the same problems since weeks, never got it working. Push messages arrive on iPhone but won't show up in the messages tab in DMSS. See also my topic Switch to account mode and it often solves the push problem, but...
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    problem notifications

    Do you use account mode in DMSS on iPhone?
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    problem notifications

    Do you use iPhone or Android? See also my topic with DMSS bugs > DMSS and it's bugs - it drives me crazy!
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    DMSS push notifications not working?

    iPhone or Android? Account mode or non account mode?
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    Neighbor wants what I have but that's not going to happen.

    24/7 so I don't miss anything.
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    Neighbor wants what I have but that's not going to happen.

    Dahua NVR's are good to go with, but still too difficult for people who are not into networking and IP-camera's. But, when you set it up correctly, it is just working and keeps working. When you want it really easy Dahua's IMOU is more the choice for your neighbour. It is using only SD-cards...
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    DMSS and it's bugs - it drives me crazy!

    I guess I'll start my own business. Premium Dahua cloud servers...
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    DMSS and it's bugs - it drives me crazy!

    I know how cloud-mode works, worked in IT before ;) I guess it's not Dahua's sense to only support playback of recordings in the morning, even when using account mode. Mainly while playback worked perfectly last week, even in account mode. So that's why I think it should be a bug and not a...
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    DMSS and it's bugs - it drives me crazy!

    Nice work-a-round that works for me. But it's still a bug in account mode that should be solved by Dahua I guess ;) That's why I posted here. But, I just edited my post to make clear it only happens in account mode.
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    DMSS and it's bugs - it drives me crazy!

    New bug on Android version since some days. Playback is not working right. In DMSS I'm only able to playback some hours per day. Happens on both systems. When I login to the NVR by a browser I can playback all the 24 hours. So NVR is working fine, but app not. I already tried deleting cache from...
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    Field of view and aspect ratio with new colorvu cameras

    Physically turn your camera 90 degrees (so on the mount itself). After this turn the screen 90 degrees by logging in to the camera interface. Not a joke. I did this before to a camera and for me it worked out!
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    Replaced HDW5442TMP-ASE by HFW3849T1P

    See specs of both camera's: 0,007 Lux vs 0,002 Lux for full color. That explains the difference in quality.
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    Dahua IPC-HDW3441T-ZAS :Dahua IVS Intrusion and Tripwire problems?

    Had this problem before. Setup a smart plan, drawn the rules... still not working. After a reboot and some minutes waiting they started working. So maybe try a reboot! By the way, how do you notice it isn't working? Where do you look it up?
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    Advice needed on focal length for 5442

    Aren't you able to mount a 2.8 mm turret/dome next to that downspout (regenpijp), pointing it towards your door? It's even closer to people that will walk to your front door or kitchen window.
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    Dahua NVR Push Notifications

    @Keoki, did you ever get IVS notifications working on DMSS for iPhone?
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    Recommend me a Dahua please

    I guess no free shipment anymore for this item :D
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    DMSS and it's bugs - it drives me crazy!

    Sent the bugs to Andy, he will contact Dahua for me :cool: If other people experience these bugs too, please post in this topic. Thank you.
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    Dahua NVR+CAM only record SMD->Human

    Wie schön, Sie kommen aus Deutschland :) Your settings seems to be correct. To look up your SMD recordings zou should do a search at the AI menu and not at the complete recording at all. Your last IVS screenshot is right. Make sure when you use IVS you turn off Motion Detection in the alarm...
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    Dahua SMD not matching detection area?

    Still some cars being detected outside the selected area. Kicked out SMD, setup a IVS Intrusion box with human and vehicle filter on for that area and till now not any detection outside that area. :headbang:
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    Dahua NVR+CAM only record SMD->Human

    When you want SMD for your complete image and you don't want to ignore some parts on the screen, you can just setup SMD in the normal way. In case you just want only a special area covered by SMD, then you should use Intrusion-boxes like Looney2ns said. My experience is bad when using SMD...
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    Dahua NVR+CAM only record SMD->Human

    Please post screenshots of MD menu, SMD menu and Record Schedule. In which app/menu do you view the recorded MD's?
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    DMSS and it's bugs - it drives me crazy!

    You're right about account mode. I prefer to not use it, but only account mode is having support for IVS and SMD notifications. Also only in account mode I can filter SMD on my timeline. On non-account mode no notifications for iPhone so I have to use account mode. I know about the privacy...