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    High CPU load - on FAST system

    Think this thread deserves a sticky for optimizing BI
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    I'm a newbe so be gentle. Need some help?

    Are you using Blue Iris? This is a sub forum about blue iris software for mobile.
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    VPN Primer for Noobs

    Just throwing this out there. Researchers Issue Security Warning Over Android VPN Apps - TorrentFreak
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    Sound Alert issues

    Ended up doing the same thing worked for a bit then stopped. Just wanted to eliminate BI, and since no one else having issues its probably an audio software issue.
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    Sound Alert issues

    Think the issue is the speaker outlet on front of box.
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    Sound Alert issues

    Anyone else having sound alert issues? I get the alert message on my phone. And testing sound alert works but the sound stops working.
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    BlueIris memory leak?

    That's the one I installed but still got a low memory message
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    BlueIris memory leak?

    Which version of the Intel Graphics Driver is the one we should be using? I just got my dedicated machine the day before yesterday and it has frozen up twice. I manually installed newest driver but unsure even after reading the thread which driver is proven to work.
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    Analysis paralysis: low voltage cables through drywall

    Is there anything wrong with putting unmanageded switches in the attic so you don't have to run all the cables into one room?
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    Looking to get a couple of IPC-HDW5231R-Z

    Looking to get a couple of IPC-HDW5231R-Z
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    Good source to buy IP items at

    Catalogue for me as well please. Thank you
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    How to lock down blue Iris. Help please.

    Fire the employee. If they are deleting clips its for a reason
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    How to lock down blue Iris. Help please.

    I am.:cool:
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    How to lock down blue Iris. Help please.

    Couldn't you set them up with a non administrative user account?
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    New HP server, need graphics card?

    Is there a check list somewhere or a sticky with settings for optimal performance.
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    Direct to disk questions

    Newb question but is the direct to disc recording done from the camera settings or in the BI settings?
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    PC with Blue Iris or NVR? Which one to choose for 24/7 recording?

    I am looking for a dedicated pc for blue iris as well. The recommendations seem to be i5-6500 8g ram with slot for hd expansion. Looking on ebay i see very few that say i5-6500. Is it safe to say anything i5 second gen and beyond will be ok for a 8 cam 1080p system