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    few questions about encoding video and bitrate

    quick question, do you record at h265+ or h265? (why?) do you record at variable bit rate or constant? (why?) i personally switched today to h265 from h265+ to get access to third stream and to be able to play recording without issue, h265+ gave me issue with my local video player i use 4k...
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    definition of vca resources setting? (DS-2CD2087G2-LU)

    what are these do / change / active / deactivate / etc? only one of them can be selected Smart Event Face Capture Monitoring...
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    that one seem very interesting, is it released yet?
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    intel celeron j4125

    hello, i might be looking into installing and trying out the trial version of blue iris with deepstack before i spend time doing all this, anyone know what i could expect with this cpu? camera, all hikvision, all using 15fps; 2x DS-2CD2155FDW (3072x2048) 1x DS-2DE4A404IW (2560x1440) 1x...
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    should latest R7 firmware allow firefox to show live video?

    I have a DS-2DE3304W-DE and a DS-2DE4A404IW-DE with latest firmware. I can't seem to get a working live video with firefox. I have G1 cameras that do work in firefox.
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    night mode, DS-2DE3304W-DE vs DS-2DE4A404IW-DE

    I upgraded my camera, I had very big difficulty to see "details" in night mode DS-2DE3304W-DE (no IR available) DS-2DE4A404IW-DE (with IR activated) DS-2DE4A404IW-DE (without IR activated) DS-2DE4A404IW-DE (day mode) nice difference, little out of focus in that picture, i still need to...
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    find field of view from the web ui?

    hello is it possible to get the current field of view from the web ui of a hikvision camera? i have a DS-2DE3304W-DE and i will like to know which field of view, horizontal and vertical i am seeing based on the current zoom
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    how to make a timelapse with continuous recording, after the fact

    so I wanted to do timelapse for my own benefit and while searching i found out that it wasn't that easy. I made this powershell script that prepare everything for you, you need ffmpeg (search for it) if you have any question, let me know. step by step in the header of the file if you see any...
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    compare 4 MP 1/2.5" CMOS vs 4 MP 1/1.9" CMOS

    i'm trying to compare what it look like night time with these 2 sensors type, anyone could provide images or links?
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    about DS-2DE4A404IW-DE and DS-2DE4A425IW-DE and...
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    your opinion on my setting on the DS-2DE3304W-DE

    so this camera have no IR light, relying only on street light / other sources of light during the night based on the picture below, do you see anything that could be improved with the setting? (if i forgot other settings that i should have included, ask and i will provide when i can)...
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    record motion to sd card while record continuous on nas?

    hello I got DS-2CD2155FWD-I with firmware 5.6.2, i recently I added a nas to do continuous recording and I found out that motion recording doesnt seem to happen anymore (or I can't access it) on the SD card. I still get the email notification. I don't have nvr and I do / access everything...
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    a bag zip tie in the camera?

    I just got 2 new camera and they have a plastic bag zip tied to the camera with what seem to be silica or something like that (I think) should I remove it or leave it there? (if needed i could upload a picture later)
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    installing a camera while it is under -5c (23f) to -10c (14f)

    I should be able to install 1 or maybe 2 camera outside soon but it's going to be "cold" This one will be installed for sure: hikvision DS-2DE3304W-DE the camera is inside and online, warmer than the room temperature which about 20c (68f) to 22c (72f) what is the best practice for installing...
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    can my setting be better for night time recording? (DS-2DE3304W-DE)

    first the video, at this time youtube didnt completely processed the video, the 3mp quality is not yet available i'm testing the camera right now so it is inside the house looking through a windows with my setting there is enough light outside, from the street lamp, so it doesn't go into...
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    adding external IR light to a camera without IR

    this might be a stupid question ... or not the DS-2DE3304W-DE camera doesn't have built-in IR, can I get an external IR light and would it work?
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    quick question about changing the router

    I just got a DS-2DE3304W-DE using a trendnet tpe-115gi for the poe initial setup is (1) modem (from ISP) -> (2) router (microtik hAP AC) -> (3) router (microtik cAP AC) -> (4) poe -> (5) camera everything seem to work fine, everything is using cable, I activated it and I...