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  1. CrazyAsYou

    +All cameras (Index) - disable/remove?

    Is there a way to either disable or remove from view the +All cameras (Index) group so I only see my individual cameras in the cameras section of the Andriod app?
  2. CrazyAsYou

    Pre-trigger video buffer when using Continuous recording of main stream

    Is there any value in enabling Pre-trigger video buffer if a camera(s) is setup to record 24/7 Continuous and there is only the main stream (one stream) - Could the Pre-trigger store frames in memory better for use with other elements such as motion detection/DeepStack AI etc?
  3. CrazyAsYou

    Accessing high-res alert images from web interface

    Sorry if this has been asked before but does anyone know if it is possible to access the high-res alert jpeg images directly from a UI3 URL? For example, say I have IPCam01.20210514_080000.11867730.3.44431.jpg in my Alerts folder and my BI is hosted on is there something possible...
  4. CrazyAsYou

    Trigger Break time and DeepStack AI Additional real-time images to analyze

    I’m curious as to how others are combing these two settings to get the most out motion triggers and DeepStack AI. At the moment I’ve got my trigger “Break time” duration set at 10 seconds and DeepStack AI “Additional real-time images to analyze” set to 10 images/seconds – My logic is that the...
  5. CrazyAsYou

    Motion senors settings with DeepStack

    Just curious what motion setting people are using in conjuction with Deepstack AI? I am currently using the settings below on a 1080p camera pointing at my driveway/car and pickup lots of movement/triggers to pass to Deepstack, perhaps at little too much at the moment with passing car...
  6. CrazyAsYou

    Purging cancelled alerts?

    After configuring Blue Iris to use Deepstack AI to look for "person" to provide confirmed alerts I set my motion sensor settings to be far more sensitive to hand more off to Deepstack and stand a better chance picking up the alerts I want. So far this is working extremely well. The negative...
  7. CrazyAsYou

    Blue Iris Camera Username and Password URL

    Can someone advise if it is possible for Blue Iris to pass parameters like the camera username/password into URLs it calls for things like for a preset/ptz or other types camera commands? For example: Where camera has IP and is using HTTP port 81 Where camera username is CRAZYAS...
  8. CrazyAsYou

    Geofencing Admins only?

    Can someone advise if geofencing only works for BI admins? I'm playing about in the BI Andriod app for me and my family members and my account (admin) is the only one that shows the geofencing raduis option. If I make someone else also an admin they get the option. I want geofencing for my...
  9. CrazyAsYou

    BI Time Line, Alerts and colours

    Can someone tell me if there is a way for BI to colour the alerts on the time line for each camera. My attached image shows three cams I have coloured Green/Yelllow/Red as solid bars because I have them on continuous recording but as you can see all the alerts are Red so it's impossible to tell...
  10. CrazyAsYou

    Newbie from the UK - Made a big mistake

    Hi All, I found myself here after googling for information about some IP-Cams I bought, and quickly realised I've made a huge mistake. I bought two wireless Riolink RLC-411-WS and a PoE Riolink RLC-410 and the picture quality even during the day is shocking in the dedicated Reolink application...