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  1. Shap

    Anyone getting T+0 msec in deepstack analysis Windows?

    Hello guys, using latest BI+DS. Can anyone confirm if they are getting T+0 in the deepstack analysis window? I am constantly getting T+50 up to T+100 msec. So the image sent to DS and motion rectangle is a bit off.
  2. Shap

    BUG ? Blue Iris Sends the same frame twice to DS

    Hello, I notice that BI always sends the same frame twice to DS: (always reproducible, all cameras) My configuration is as follows:
  3. Shap

    DS & Motion Detection Rectangles

    Hello, I have a problem with my BI+DS configuration and need some help. Basically, in many cases, I get something like this: (any ideas why motion rectangles are not synced with the actual object?) I have Object Detection turned on.