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  1. Swampledge

    preparing for BI install - requesting review of the proposed configuration

    The learning curve for BI is not that steep. Yes, there is a lot to it, but you can set it up with one or two cameras very quickly and then worry about tweaking it and taking advantage of its finer points. I say this because I was a newbie to BI in July and found it pretty easy to start taking...
  2. Swampledge

    Mesh vs APs

    I have 4 access points in 4 buildings spread over about 2 acres of our 10 total acres. No mesh. Three of the access points share the same SSID, based on recommendations from this forum. (They all would, except I’m too lazy to reconfigure every wireless device to the SSID I’d prefer to use.) Two...
  3. Swampledge

    Recommend cameras??

    It’s too far away to identify any perps- you might see when something happened, but that’s all. Edited to add: These are the things you learn once you start down the path and start testing your installation(s).
  4. Swampledge

    Recommend cameras??

    Others here will give you great advice on which cameras to buy, etc., as @wittaj has done. Have you considered what threats your property actually faces? Around here, it is common for bad guys to check garages and cars left outside for easy pickings. You have a camera inside your garage, but I...
  5. Swampledge

    New and Overwhelmed

    @Kk9 Several years ago, my son showed me what he had done at his house with Nest cameras. It seemed like a quick and easy way to get a couple of cameras watching portions of my property that I couldn’t easily see from my house. I set up a couple of cameras and was happy. Then I built a new...
  6. Swampledge

    Can't flag a section of stored video

    What are you trying to accomplish? The manual implies that only clips and snapshots can be flagged. But it is very easy to simply export a short section of a clip, which is what I do for segments of interest.
  7. Swampledge

    Wife Wants A Ring Doorbell, I Want Decent Gear. Help Me Win!

    It will depend on whether it’s features are directly available via LAN or if they need to pass through Ring’s servers. That information isn’t clear in their promotional matter that I could see.
  8. Swampledge

    Wife Wants A Ring Doorbell, I Want Decent Gear. Help Me Win!

    I haven’t. When my Ring died at just under 3 yrs old, I replaced it with a Nest Hello, because I had a couple of Nest cameras already, and the cloud storage plan is a fixed charge not based on number of cameras. Plus, the Ring only recorded video when triggered, whereas the Nest did 24/7. Within...
  9. Swampledge

    Wife Wants A Ring Doorbell, I Want Decent Gear. Help Me Win!

    What @IReallyLikePizza2 said. My Ring Video Pro was a great doorbell camera, but it is not enough camera. Get a Ring, but don’t expect the speed to be fast enough to actually talk to someone at your door from the app. It may sometimes work, but often they’ll be gone before you can talk to them...
  10. Swampledge

    More people throwing trash outside my house

    It varies from state to state here in the U.S. In Connecticut to register a vehicle that was bought in another state, it must be taken to a licensed inspection station to verify that the VIN on the paperwork is the actual VIN of the vehicle. The vehicle may also need to undergo an emissions...
  11. Swampledge

    IOS App Update v2.01.00

    2.01.03 working ok for me with BI
  12. Swampledge

    Huawie Security Threat

    Wouldn’t this be a double-edged sword? If a device is not currently exploitable, wouldn’t a mandated updateability leave it susceptible to being exploited?
  13. Swampledge

    Which Android App?

    If you are going to use Blue Iris, you don’t need any of those other apps. You can use the Blue Iris app ($10 US) for iOS or Android, or just use the UI3 built into Blue Iris via Chrome browser.
  14. Swampledge

    Losing signal on all cameras randomly after BI 4 to 5 upgrade....

    Sorka, it may be useful to post what version of BI you are running. Some folks here have reported reverting back to earlier versions of BI 5 to resolve some bugs.
  15. Swampledge

    How much range of motion does a turret mount have?

    You could also use a turret wall mount on the camera. They only add a small amount of bulk to the camera, and I think look a little less aggressive than a bullet. This would give you essentially 360 degrees of adjustment in the horizontal plane.
  16. Swampledge

    Is two NIC’s to segregate cams from internet a tin foil hat?

    That’s an effective way to provide isolation, but how do you access your camera feeds if you are not at the BI PC? Do you have a WiFi notebook, tablet, or phone that you switch WiFi networks on to connect to the BI web server? And apparently you cannot check on them if you are not at that site...
  17. Swampledge

    Looking to replace Reolink cameras, any recommendations in the sub $70 range/each

    The 4 cameras I mentioned in the other thread are all Amcrest, (rebranded Dahua, from what I understand.) all 2.8 mm focal length. 3 of the 4 are located at choke points on my property, Two are IP5M-B1186EW-28MM bullet cameras at $55, the other two are IP5M-T1179EW-28MM turrets which were $58...
  18. Swampledge

    Aging computer problems, possible processor recommendations?, noob problems with Blue Iris

    I’m running an i7 2600 with 4 cameras, 8GB ram, continuous recording, and using sub streams, my CPU usage is at 4-5%. Before I got my substreams properly set up, I was somewhere around 15% CPU with only 3 cameras. Start replacing your Reolink cameras before your PC, because like these guys say...
  19. Swampledge

    Intro and questions

    With all that white trim, white downspouts, and all, I would just punch a hole from the basement through the wall just above the foundation, then use white coax nail clamps to secure white outdoor Ethernet cable along the downspout, etc, to the camera location. Your POE switch could be in the...
  20. Swampledge

    Computer monitor vs tv + remote viewing

    My first tablet was an iPad 2. When I outgrew it’s memory, I went to a Surface Pro 3. Liked it’s versatility, but operationally it was clunky compared to my iPad. Shortly after the warranty expired, so did the Surface Pro 3. It just plain refused to wake up or start up, no matter what technique...
  21. Swampledge

    Computer monitor vs tv + remote viewing

    I just timed my iPad at 3.4 seconds from clicking on the Home Screen to launch Chrome until the live display of my cameras came up. I did have to click on “login” to UI3; it’s set to login automatically, and it often does, but that can add 2 seconds or so, and it doesn’t always do it. I have...
  22. Swampledge

    Blue Iris crashes when replaying from timeline (Windows 10)

    I’m just a noobie to BI, but do you have all 10 cameras in the viewer window? Remember that when you do replay or go further back on the timeline, BI has to read data from as many files as you have cams in the viewer. When you double click on an alert or other clip, you are only asking it to...
  23. Swampledge

    Computer monitor vs tv + remote viewing

    Yes, I have brought up UI3 on our Samsung TV’s browser. Viewing is fine, but the interface for control is clunky. UI3 in Chrome on my iPad is much easier to use, and way faster to launch.
  24. Swampledge

    How to remotely view cam's and use NVR from portable devices?

    Are you trying to log in using a wired or wireless connection?
  25. Swampledge

    Fixed lens out of focus, with every re-start?

    It sounds like you have been mostly looking at only once per day. Does it get direct sunlight on it? Is it possible that temperature changes are causing the distance between the lens and sensor to vary just enough to cause the problem? Sounds like maybe a poorly designed camera.
  26. Swampledge

    How does an IoT device receive a command from the internet?

    Okay, that makes sense. I guess what you are saying is that, even if I send a request from my phone from outside my LAN, the packet(s) sent from the device’s “endpoint” (or what I called the manufacturer’s server), contain a frame or frames that signal to my router that the packet was requested...
  27. Swampledge

    How does an IoT device receive a command from the internet?

    Thank you everyone for your responses. Somehow, though, it’s just not “clicking” for me as to how this is working. If you’ll indulge me just a little bit more, maybe I should simplify my question thusly: Why do I have to open a port to communicate with my RaspPi or BI server from outside my...
  28. Swampledge

    How does an IoT device receive a command from the internet?

    Thanks, Holbs. I see the potential there, but I’m not at that level yet. Are you implying/suggesting that yes, there are packets passing through (there must be, since the stuff works) that my router doesn’t log because it’s allowed?
  29. Swampledge

    How does an IoT device receive a command from the internet?

    Thanks. I have no desire to block the device, which would keep it from functioning. If it creates a secure tunnel to the endpoint, then it shouldn’t be susceptible to hacking unless the endpoint is hacked, right? And shouldn’t my router log those endpoint accesses when they occur? I can see...
  30. Swampledge

    How does an IoT device receive a command from the internet?

    I have done a bunch of searching, but have not found a clear explanation of how a device like a wireless thermostat or a wireless light switch receives a command to change its state. I ask this because I know from general experience that my router firewall does not allow packets from the...