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  1. Bradmph

    BI email support - MIA

    I don't know where to start, V5 BI has been a migraine since day 1 and their support is non existent. It is nice that this forum is in place cause we all be up the creek with the support you get that exist there now. Is there a step by step V5 BI Tutorial on forum? I searched but the...
  2. Bradmph

    Homeland Security watches what you buy online.

    Walmart is also keeping tabs on every card purchase you make and is building a personality from it about you. Every single item you buy is recorded when on a card and filed. If you have a Walmart account, login and see.
  3. Bradmph

    NVR3216-16P-12 or ?

    I want to update from PC to an NVR and feel pretty naive about what would serve me best. I want to be able to watch the cameras continuously and have hi FPS and resolution, with a system that can except 3rd party poe cameras. I run BI on a PC with 7 cameras and the performance of the PC is...
  4. Bradmph

    Cats Caught On Camera

  5. Bradmph

    Huisin PTZ software settings blank in browsers

    This program is giving me video and settings finally. I am going to fiddle with it and see if I can do the firmware update and check settings
  6. Bradmph

    Huisin PTZ software settings blank in browsers

    Thanks, I will go grab that now
  7. Bradmph

    Huisin PTZ software settings blank in browsers

    Yes I have tried firefox, msie - old and new version, chrome
  8. Bradmph

    Huisin PTZ software settings blank in browsers

    I am getting some strange action from the Huisin PTZ camera I use for license plate reading. I was going to do a firmware update and none of my browsers can get any info from the camera setup. I run the Huisin with some hiks and 7-35 zoom and those all give the settings correctly in browser...
  9. Bradmph

    Mini PTZ v2: Firmware discussion

    These Links are DEAD
  10. Bradmph

    Blue Iris Updating

    Thanks Fenderman, I went to the BI page and downloaded the last update since I am running x64. I understand that version 5 is still sort of a beta in my opinion and will stick with what I have until until it gets a good while testing and usage.
  11. Bradmph

    Blue Iris Updating

    After support & maintenance has run out on BI and the auto updates have stopped, can the latest web version still be manually download from the site and the license code be placed into it so I have the latest version?
  12. Bradmph

    Vacation UFO

    Ya, someone else mentioned that too, I am still trying to see that in the things shape. I didn't hear any helo engine. Just wish I saw it at the time and could of got a better look.
  13. Bradmph

    While waiting for Cops to arrive...

    Waited for lightning to strike.
  14. Bradmph

    Video Enhancement Software?

    Pass it around Charles, :winktongue: I would luv to try that software. I tried to find a free version, but gave up.
  15. Bradmph

    First wildlife capture on new system!

    He is climbing the wall? I bet that rat would have a bad attitude if you walked out there , lol.
  16. Bradmph

    How Did This Get In My Backyard?

    There are videos online of an entire trampoline flying over a block away and landing perfectly in someone else yard. Pretty funny looking
  17. Bradmph

    Vacation UFO

    While taking vacation to California as I always do every year to visit my daughter, I take photos along the way of typical sites. This one I am posting isn't a security camera image, it is a cell phone image taken just north of Mt Shasta on highway 97 in the City of Weed. Yes Weed California...
  18. Bradmph

    Catching Thieves

    I have changed my hours of being awake. I am disabled so I don't have to work. I sit at the computer and talk to friends and hang out and work with photoshop, I also created Printed clothing designs and have a storefront I tend. I will stay up till about 3:30 or 4:00am and sleep till about...
  19. Bradmph

    Catching Thieves

    These 2 jerks thought they were being slick. The one was going to try and steal the neighbors Gargoyle statues he has on his lawn while the other was going to hide between mine and the neighbors house. Things didn't go as planned for them
  20. Bradmph

    Bumped keyboard, now 4 of 6 cameras not viewing

    Thank you sir, that was it.
  21. Bradmph

    Bumped keyboard, now 4 of 6 cameras not viewing

    HI, I just bumped the keyboard near the number pad and 4 of the 6 cameras stop showing in BI. I tried bringing back the .reg file to see if that fixes it, but didn't. The cameras are there, just not in the display. I also clicked show disabled cameras and still didn't return the missing camera...
  22. Bradmph

    IPCT IP Cam Talk Stickers now available

    Hey Mike, Checking out your stickers and clothing line, branded cameras, etc. The place is moving up in the world. :ipct: I noticed your clothing line is in a sort of high price bracket and I might be able to help by pointing this toward a company specializing in merchandise printing. For...
  23. Bradmph

    Cats Caught On Camera

    Bump updated 1/19/2019 Year 4 begins
  24. Bradmph

    3 Prowler Car Thieves Video Recorded and Chased

    Well, here we go again. Damn car prowling and stealing. Video recorded 3 blunt scum suckers going car to car so I called 911, crime in process. Cops never showed up or even drove by. I hope they maybe cut them off. Soon as I stepped out, one just starting to head up driveway may a good choice...
  25. Bradmph

    Sound Pulse When Recording

    Well , the title explains it and the sound file I have attached will demo it for you. I don't have anything running in background that would cause it that I could locate. Check setting and fiddled with a few to see if I can make a change, but it remains consistent. System is dedicated to Blue...
  26. Bradmph

    High Speed Pursuit - Police Shoot Thru Windshield

    Wow, kinda got adrenaline gland active watching video. With all the shots fired, I think everyone but the criminals were very lucky not to catch a stray bullet. It ended well, he sure dumped that lead out on the vehicle after a reload too.
  27. Bradmph

    Review-Dahua Hi-fidelity Sound Pickup

    Sure like to see Dolby maybe put that background noise to sleep. I get background noise from busy street 4 houses away from ours.
  28. Bradmph

    Mic too sensitive, what mic do I need?

    I am using this mic below. I am getting that crackling sound mostly when wind hits the mic and a loud vehicle drives by. I did turn down the mic volume on the assigned camera Ajhua webpage and it helped but not 100% yet. Going to try a foam ball over mic and maybe move it around to other...