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    How can I get BI to send a HTTP command at sunrise and sunset

    How can I get BI to send the below HTTP commands at sunrise and sunset Sunrise:[0].Type=1&info[0].IO=0 Sunset:[0].Type=1&info[0].IO=1...
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    DeepStack LPR Custom Model

    I just posted a DeepStack custom model in the LPR group that can be used to confirm if a license plate is in the FOV of your LPR camera.
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    DeepStack LPR Custom Model

    Attached is a DeepStack custom model that can be used to confirm if a license plate is in the FOV of your LPR camera. The DeepStack labels for the model are "DayPlate" and "NightPlate". Let me know how the custom model works for you. If you are having poor results and want to add your LPR...
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    Car/Door checker on bicycle caught on my Andy Cams

    About a half hour ago spotted this Car/Door checker as I was tweaking my new LPR.
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    IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E LPR Blue Iris Triggering Help Needed

    I just installed my IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E LPR today and need some help with triggering. I have a IPC-T5442T-ZE (LPR FOV is the red box) as an overview that I could use for triggering. I have the camera dialed in with good day and night images just need help with the triggering. Is it better to use...
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    New DeepStack September Update Version 2021.09.1

    DeepStack September Update DeepStack 2021.09.1 documentation
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    Kids having fun on a Friday night

    I just had this teenager runup to my front door and knocked on the storm door then ran away.
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    What the F***, Crazy Driver Crashes into My Brick Fence

    I woke up this morning and found my brick fence all broken up.
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    Homeless Woman Decides to Take a Nap at the MikeLud B&B

    At first when I saw this on my camera I thought she fell and cracked open her head on my bricks.
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    Capturing 920K Video! - HOLY $H!T

    Do you think BI and DS will work with this setup?LOL
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    The Nerve Of Some People

    Two nights in a row someone decided to use the park across from my house as a dump
  12. M Alerts Not Working

    I upgraded to and found that my alerts were not working had to downgrade to
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    Homeless Person Tries To Make My Home His Home

    Yesterday during the day my wife and I observed this homeless person acting erratic across from our house so we call 911. Police and EMS was sent, they spoke with him and observed him for about 15 minutes then left. This morning we woke up and found him sleeping on our property. We call 911...
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    I Just Had To Go

    The nerve of some people, he had a whole park across from my house to go. That was not good enough so he had to go in my driveway.
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    MP4 Export Playback Issue

    I am having an issue playing MP4 exported from BI. If I play the file in VLC it only shows an image about every second all other times the image is black. I also notice the same issue playing some MP4 files from other posts here. If I export a MP4 file directly from the camera it plays fine...
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    Remote Management Alerts Not Opening

    I am demoing BI and testing out the remote management feature. When I try opening Alerts I get the below error on about 50% of the Alerts. If I am on the server or using UI3 the same Alerts open fine. Does anyone know how to fix this or it is a bug with BI and I need to report this back to...
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    Caught My First Door Checker With My New 5442 Andy Cams

    Below are captures caught this morning with my new 5442 Andy Cams. I know none of them give me a money shot. I will be installing a SD5A425XA-HNR at the same location as the camera that took the last capture in this post and use the three cameras as spotters to trigger the SD5A425XA-HNR...
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    DMSS HD Ipad Live View Issue

    Is anyone have issues with DMSS HD running on an Ipad and only show about 2/3 of the live view (lower left part of the live view). DMSS work fine, I would rather use DMSS HD since that app is made for the Ipad and DMSS is made for the Iphone. Thanks Mike
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    Anyone Using SmartPSS and PC-NVR

    I just recently upgrade all my cameras and are thinking of switching from my current NVR (Asustor NAS Surveillance Center) to SmartPSS and PC_NVR. I have an old PC that I currently have SmartPSS and PC-NVR running on to see how it is. So far I do not see any issues. My questions is if you are...
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    Video Quality

    I am trying out BI and deciding if I am going to switch from using Asustor NAS Surveillance Center. BI live videos look muted some compared to Surveillance Center, see screenshots below, also below is BI Status. Is there any setting to improve the video quality that I am missing. Thanks Mike
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    Walkway to Front Door Coverage

    I am looking to install an additional camera to my system to cover the walkway to my front door. I was looking to use a IPC-T5442TM-AS (location shown in photo below colored yellow). The question I have, should I use a 2.8mm, 3.6mm or 6.0mm? Also will the two lamps (circled red in photo below)...
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    Looking For Suggestions

    I just finished upgrading my ReoCrap cameras (I mean Reolink cameras) to IPC-T5442T cameras. Does anyone have any suggestion to improve my camera coverage. Below are details of the current system setup. Thanks Mike Camera 1, 2, 4, 6, and 7 are IPC-T5442TM-AS 3.6mm Camera 5 is a IPC-T5442TM-AS...