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  1. Swampledge

    How does an IoT device receive a command from the internet?

    I have done a bunch of searching, but have not found a clear explanation of how a device like a wireless thermostat or a wireless light switch receives a command to change its state. I ask this because I know from general experience that my router firewall does not allow packets from the...
  2. Swampledge

    Is two NIC’s to segregate cams from internet a tin foil hat?

    I have searched a fair bit and not found a satisfactory answer to this question. My router is set to block the cameras from having access to the internet. Wife and I are both retired, so only computer always on our network is the Blue Iris PC. We surf the net using iPads, stream YouTube TV or...
  3. Swampledge

    Academic question about IP address assignment

    My home network currently consists of an ISP-provided cable modem configured as a bridge only to my Netgear R7220 router/AP. connected to one of the LAN ports is an unmanaged switch which feeds two CAT6 cables, each serving a different outbuilding. One of those cables is connected to a LAN port...
  4. Swampledge

    Recommend an Asus WiFi Mesh system for me

    I’m looking to upgrade from my Netgear router/AP to an ASUS mesh system. House is about 90 feet long, all on one floor, internet enters at one end, and that’s the current modem and router location. Main reason for switching is to get OpenVPN capability for remote access to my Blue Iris box, and...