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  1. foodtech

    H.264 not showing as encode option

    Been moving cameras around and just noticed that my IPC-HDW2231RP-ZS cameras are showing H.264H and H.265 as the only Encode Mode options, no H.264. Is this correct or is something preventing H.264 from being an option? System version: 2.622.0000000.31.R, build date 2018-08-13 WEB Version...
  2. foodtech

    Keeping water out

    Our non-profit had a camera system installed by local company. I'm converting its cameras piecemeal to our new BlueIris system. Couldn't connect to two outside cameras. Checked the path to the cameras and found water in outside electrical enclosure and in both camera junction box and camera...
  3. foodtech

    Add unlisted camera as generic/OnVIF or Hikvision?

    I have three Arcvision cameras left over from a system installed by a local contractor. BlueIris does not list that make of camera. Many months ago, looney2ns said he suspected they are relabeled Hikvision cameras. I'm now building our BI system and plan to use the cameras (ARC-IPBH03 &...
  4. foodtech

    PoE injector vs switch?

    Have multiple on-site camera systems with NVRs set up by different contractors. Moving to a single BI machine. Have 10 cameras on one of the NVRs. I have plenty open ports on the building's managed network switch, but the cameras will need power. The PoE switch spreadsheet doesn't list any...
  5. foodtech

    Remote Access to NVR

    We have vendor-provided Hikvision NVR-camera systems at our non-profit. When the vendor installed the systems they port forwarded to the NVR so the manager could remotely view the camera feeds. We did that until I found this site. (I'm volunteer IT support.) Port forwarding is now disabled...
  6. foodtech

    Ok PC for 20 camera setup?

    Will be installing a camera system in our food bank with 15-20 cameras. Have read the wiki on PCs for BlueIris and looked at some forum posts, plus have BlueIris running at our thrift shop (4 IPC-HDW5231R-Z cameras, Dell i5-4400). (It's running ~70% so I suspect it may not be configured...
  7. foodtech

    SSD size for BI

    Quick question. Blue Iris hardware description (Choosing Hardware for Blue Iris | IP Cam Talk) says best to have clip database on SSD. If I put the PC's OS and the clip database on an SSD, is there a recommended minimum size for the SSD?
  8. foodtech

    When is a bracket needed?

    A beginner question. Am getting four IPC-HDW5231R-ZE from Andy for indoor mounting on walls (drywall surface) and one on top of a partial-height wall (plywood surface). Cabling will run over the surface of the wall. Have read the cliff notes, but just wanted to double-check to ensure a...
  9. foodtech

    Is this ok for temp solution?

    Please bear with me. Volunteer at a food bank. Two sites: food bank with an existing building and new building under construction (ready July?), affiliated thrift shop in a strip mall. Existing food bank has 16-channel ARCVision system; nothing at thrift shop. Earlier asked to expand food...
  10. foodtech

    Looking forward to Learning

    I'm the volunteer computer/phone support at a non-profit foodbank now tasked with installing camera surveillance systems at food bank and associated thrift store. Trying to read up on all the info while keeping head above water. Hopefully won't ask (too many) dumb questions. Grateful to find...