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  1. wittaj

    Blue Iris Login heads up

    So I have my system setup to text me whenever a login or restart of BI happens so that I can make sure that my system hasn't been compromised. Today while not at home, I get a text that BI was logged into and I know nobody was logging in. I VPN back into my system and pull up the log and the...
  2. wittaj

    Profile Posts - what am I missing LOL

    What am I missing here LOL. I scroll down to the bottom of the forum and notice people post onto someone's profile, which in many times is a question directly to that person that now anyone can see LOL. Why not post in a thread or DM the person instead LOL. I am sure some people have missed a...
  3. wittaj

    Projector - DLP or LCD; 4K or 1080P

    So my trusty projector died after 20 years, so I have been out of the game for a long time on that tech. It was a great unit and did 1080 and would still be using it if it didn't die. So doing the research now and lurking in a few AV forums and wow, I feel like the NOOBs that come here and get...
  4. wittaj

    New Cybersecurity Risks

    These risks make cameras exposed to the internet seem like not a big deal!
  5. wittaj

    OpenALPR and GPU

    Who has been successful with this? I was hoping to offload OpenALPR to a GPU as that can really drive up the CPU on windy days and only so much of the image I can place exclusions on. I followed the instructions here from OpenALPR website and it just won't run with the GPU. It keeps starting...
  6. wittaj

    PSA - Microsoft Edge Updates and Explorer

    So good ole Microsoft has snuck something in Windows that we need to be aware of (at least those that need to use Explorer for accessing camera GUI). They have now made it so you cannot uninstall Edge, but then they also snuck in some Task Schedulers that run constantly. Some on my computer...
  7. wittaj

    Girl taking matters into her own hands!

    You go girl! She finds the dude that stole her car and drags him out by his hair and make a citizens arrest until the police arrive!
  8. wittaj

    Plate Recognizer and BI App

    Someone posted here months ago that after a BI update, the plates from Plate Recognizer started showing up in the BI app. I got busy with other things and forgot to look until now LOL. My BI app doesn't show the plate info like it does in the BI console. Here was a screenshot of the person's...
  9. wittaj

    OpenALPR and white screen at night?

    Just had a recent issue pop up that isn't impacting the reading of the plates, but it is causing constant CPU fluctuations. At night, my screen will alternative between the image being white and then black. No real pattern, but every time it happens, it is spiking the CPU. Also the FPS is...
  10. wittaj

    Catalytic Converter Theft on Nextdoor

    Someone posted this to Nextdoor - this person is wanting to know if anyone can help them ID who stole his catalytic converter in the many issues with this can we identify LOL...
  11. wittaj

    Coating on lens

    So I messed up big time and hopefully someone can help :banghead:. I upgraded a camera and moved the camera that was at it's place (the Dahua dual cam AKA booby cam dome LOL) to another location that isn't critical and was going to be used as overview cams for an area already covered. While I...
  12. wittaj

    Ring Alarm and a USB Z-Wave?

    So, someone posted to an old thread about home automation and using a USB Z-Wave and Vera, so it got me thinking - has anyone used a USB Z-Wave to help with some automation of the Ring Alarm. I would love the ability to have my PTZ swing to the mailbox whenever it is opened and this could be a...
  13. wittaj

    When is Port Forwarding Safe? What devices/programs/apps or Never?

    So we get quite a few posts every month about someone thinking they have been hacked, or someone not understanding the vulnerabilities with allowing their cameras on the internet. I searched here and couldn't find that "one thread" that we could point people to or have them find in a search, so...
  14. wittaj

    Review: Dahua DH-IPC-HDW3449HP-AS-PV 4MP TIOC Active Deterrence Camera

    DH-IPC-HDW3449HP-AS-PV from @EMPIRETECANDY 4MP Active Deterrence Network Camera with Blue and Red LED Strobe lights Review unit courtesy of Andy (@EMPIRETECANDY ) in exchange for a fair and honest review. Andy's ipcamtalk vendor forum: link Andy's AliExpress store: link Andy's Amazon store...
  15. wittaj

    Road Rage Incident results in shooting death

    How long before this decision gets overturned in our current societal mindset...
  16. wittaj

    Florida carjacking caught on camera

    Glad they caught them. Near you @bigredfish ?
  17. wittaj


    Pretty cool commercial...but we are not the target audience for this LOL as we would have a better camera....
  18. wittaj Restarts

    Been on for several weeks now and has been rock solid. The last two days, it is restarting fairly frequently. I am currently at 16 restarts today. Most of them are in pairs - 2 within a minute of each other and then may go a couple hours. Nothing has changed on my system and all...
  19. wittaj

    Internet Speed Tests

    So I periodically check my internet speeds and had been my choice one for years as it was a simple site with no ads, etc. and just ran fast. Recently, it is has been peaking out at half of my rated speed, but running other test sites like Speedtest, Spectrum, etc. all show my speed...
  20. wittaj

    HTTP API Codes for SD49225XA-HNR 2MP/SD49425 PTZ

    Has anyone had any luck using the API codes to go from day or night with the SD49225/SD49425 PTZ? The day/night utility someone wrote here doesn't seem to work for this PTZ and I have tried various versions I have seen others use on other Dahua cams but no luck...
  21. wittaj

    Windows 10 Update to Version 2004

    I am starting to get the messages that Windows wants to update to Version 2004. I will hold off as long as possible, but figure at some point it may update anyway. Anybody have any issues with this version and Blue Iris...
  22. wittaj

    Play Sound on a Camera when a different Camera is Triggered.

    So I have the IPC-T5241H-AS-PV camera with a built-in mic and built-in speaker. This camera is located on the corner of the house. I would like to play a sound if the camera on the other corner is triggered. I tried the ON ALERT Feature to trigger the T5241 and it will trigger it to start...
  23. wittaj

    Clips Error - is more than 200,000 clips still an issue in BI5

    So in the last couple of days I have been getting the warning triangle for clips in the BI messages and have been trying to figure out the issue because I saw nothing that would tell me something is wrong. I did a search here and came up with a couple of threads mentioning that greater than...
  24. wittaj

    Format to add username and password to http request

    So I am trying to send a web request to the camera on an alert. The alert fires and changes the camera setting if I have the camera GUI up and running, but doesn't fire if I do not have the camera GUI up and running. I would prefer to not have the camera GUI up and running, plus then it...
  25. wittaj

    On Alert Web Request not Firing at Trigger

    This is a strange one that I have tried everything, so I am not sure if it is a bug or I am missing something. So in CAMERA SETTINGS > ALERTS > ON ALERT - I have had it set to send an email when it is triggered. That works fine just like it should. I am now trying to add a web request on the...
  26. wittaj

    Trigger LED and Alarm on one camera from another camera.

    I have the IPC-T5241H-AS-PV camera that has the LED light and alarm functionality. I don't know if this is possible, but has anyone using Blue Iris tried having this camera get triggered based on another camera detecting motion? What I am looking at is I would like the camera on the side of...
  27. wittaj

    Alert Lines Missing and slow response to pull up calendar

    Has anyone experienced where the alert lines in the timeline are missing? My alert images are still in the all clips viewing folder to the left, but they do not show up in the timeline. I tried a restart of BI and then a reboot of the computer and deleted the database and regenerated a new...
  28. wittaj - Cams show triggered lightning bolt long after event is done recording

    I just noticed all my cams now show the lightning bolt long after the event was triggered. Some of them still show being triggered hours later. It is on all my cams whether they are recording continuous or not. I even deleted a cam and added back to see if that would change anything. It...
  29. wittaj

    Hello from the US (at the moment)

    I had posted this in another thread, but deleted and moved to here as it seems more appropriate: A newbie with some knowledge and learning more everyday! I have had some variation of cameras for about 10 years and I use their respective app to view the cameras on mobile device. I was kinda...