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    22204tni audio port

    So I picked up this PTZ and really like it. I didnt see any Audio info on the spec sheet. But it has this audio port and I can set the codec in the PSS. I assume this is an external mic. Is there any guidance on the site for this?
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    Dahau NVR and IE11

    Some weird rendering of the video window in IE11. I went through the IE advised steps, trusted list, compatibility view etc. The interface seems much better than chrome. but the video window is just so dang large and i cant access the controls. strange
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    Hello from Lynn Haven Florida

    Hello and greetings. Been exposed to Ethernet, POE, tcp/ip for quite a while. Mainly on the VoIP side. I bought my first camera system the other day. Dahau N484E62. So far it has been very painless.. Minus the expected attic time.. looking to add 2 additional cams with PTZ and IR. look...