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  1. nowandthen

    Ambiguous statement in BI "Hardware accelerated decoding" section of Wiki

    Optimizing Blue Iris's CPU Usage Specifically sentence in red (below): From wiki: * Hardware accelerated decoding If your CPU supports Intel® Quick Sync Video, then you can use hardware acceleration in Blue Iris to reduce CPU and energy usage significantly with any camera streaming H.264. If...
  2. nowandthen

    Can't find list of my watched threads

    Maybe I'm blind. I watch threads to not only get email notification of new posts but also to find them again. I don't see the list anymore when I click on my name at the top of the screen. weren't watched threads list under the user's profile? I see one bookmarked thread. Not sure how I book...
  3. nowandthen

    What are the excluded Dahua password characters? Camera reset.

    Posting to hopefully help others, and a question. Camera: Dahua 4MP Turret IPC-T5442TM-AS from Empiretechandy. I'm setting up my first Dahua camera. I have several Hikvision cameras. It's been a bit of a struggle, but it always is with non-intuitive products. I think I messed up the...
  4. nowandthen

    Please help! Need evidence I was home during accused hit and run. BI clips much shorter than selected length.

    Today I received a letter from the Police Department claiming I was involved in a hit and run. They list the date and approximate time. With my Video Surveillance recordings, I can prove I arrived home before that time and did not leave until the next morning (if I export clips from all night...
  5. nowandthen

    Blue Iris only has a day and a half of recording after updating to BI5

    I click the calendar and I don't even have 2 days of recordings. I updated from BI4 to BI5 about a week ago. Shortly after doing that, the calendar only showed a short amount of time (recordings). I assumed this was because my folder changed from WWW 4 to WWW 5. But I logged in tonight (days...
  6. nowandthen

    Hard Drive Failure Notification

    I've read many a post/recommendation, to have 2 hard drives and split the cameras between the two, in order to ensure at least some video capture coverage in case one hard drive fails. Is there software or other, that can notify me of a hard drive failure or failing hard drive? My NAS will do...
  7. nowandthen

    Jerky, late, and disappearing recordings 8MP Hikvision

    This is a rebranded Hikvison camera that Nelly's sells as model NSC-2X8-DM. It's an 8MP 2.8mm Turret. I've had this camera for over a year. Lately I can't seem to get it to record smooth video. Images are jerky, they pause , they jump/skip, or the image simple disappears. I have multiple...
  8. nowandthen

    Updated Blue Iris, No Signal on 8MP Turret

    This camera has always been a bit temper mental. It was bought at Nelly’s, their model number is NSC-2X8-DM....... It’s an 8MP Hikvison Turret. From time to time, over the time I’ve had this camera, the Blue Iris monitor shows “No Signal” but a little while later the image returns. It has been...
  9. nowandthen

    How to enable a camera after it was disabled?

    I bought a new camera, plugged it in, set it up in Blue Iris, but because I wasn't going to immediately install it, I disabled it in the camera properties window for that camera. Now I want to bring it back, but I can't find a way to enable it. I don't see anything in the Options section, and I...
  10. nowandthen

    Can't see image in browser

    When I log into a camera (any of the 5 hikvison I own) I get this message "Please click here to download and install the plug-in. Close the browser when installing the plug in." I download the plug-in, close my browser (firefox), install the plug-in, open the browser, and get the same message...
  11. nowandthen

    1st time with BI and Daylight savings time, time did not change

    All of my Hikvision cameras are set to sync with and this has kept all 5 cameras in sync with time (within a few seconds of each other). It was suggested to use this method so I have time and date on the videos that are recorded direct to disk. So today, Monday 8 PM PDT, I...
  12. nowandthen

    Distribute cameras images to other locations

    I have a dedicated PC running Blue Iris. I currently have 5 cameras (not that the # of cameras matters). I would like to have a few other locations in the house that can display the images I see on the monitor connected directly to my BI computer. Is there a way to do this? If so how? Thanks!
  13. nowandthen

    Help with Time Sync for my cameras

    I'm doing direct to disc recording. To the camera time stamps into the recordings (in another thread) I was told to do this (I rewrote this a bit from fendermans instructions, but only for a bit more clarity): Starting new thread as the other is kind of all over the place): To sync the times on...
  14. nowandthen

    Direct to disc, Direct to disk (please help a blind man)

    Trying to find where to set this. Searched this forum for both terms in title above. Returned about 12 threads in total, but none mentioned where this is set. I've been reading the BI help, it talks about direct to disc in the "Camera Properties - Record", but does not say where to set this. I...
  15. nowandthen

    2 views of the same camera

    Not sure what I did, but now I have two views of the same camera. Tyring to figure out how to get rid of one view without deleting the camera. Why would anyone want 2 views of the same camera? I gambled and clicked on one of the images and selected "Delete Camera". It removed the duplicate view...
  16. nowandthen

    PC with Blue Iris just too complicated. UAC issue

    Dell Optiplex 9020 running Windows 10. I asked about this many months ago but no luck, so the PC has just sat for months, with BI getting killed off upon any kind of reboot. Whenever I click on the Blue Iris Admin icon, a window pops up: User Account Control, Do you want to allow this app to...
  17. nowandthen

    Images from another computer on my LAN look like crud

    I type 192.168.... to log into my Blue Iris PC. The images are horrible and I can't select one camera and zoom in etc.. Sorry, newb to Blue Iris, what do I need to do to get a quality view of my cameras and manipulate the views, playback etc from another PC on my network? Hikvision was easy. I...
  18. nowandthen

    Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your PC/ (Blue Iris)

    A quick Google search says: "Apps that don't have a valid certificate root authority will present this menu. It is not advised to disable this warning." Blue Iris does not have a valid certificate? How can I make this go away without completely disabling the warning? Windows 10 Thanks in advance.
  19. nowandthen

    Please help an idiot on getting win 10 PC to see SSD

    I bought a Dell Optiplex 9020. I bought a Crucial MX200 SSD 250GB. The Dell came with 2 1 GB hard drives and a DVD drive. There was one unused power connector left. I connected my Crucial 250GB drive to the power connector and connected the SATA cable to the last available SATA port on the...
  20. nowandthen

    New Dell Optiplex 9020 i7, 2 1G drives, Change to larger drive or split recordings?

    I finally managed to buy a 9020 Optiplex i7 4790 with 8GB RAM and integrated Intel graphics. It comes with 2 hard drives, both 1GB. My dying Hikvison NVR has a 2GB drive which, with 5 3mp cameras has provided plenty of storage with all cameras set to motion detect. I'm thinking the C drive 1GB...
  21. nowandthen

    OK to have a solid state drive for OS? (Calling Fenderman)

    My computer has 256K SS drive which has the OS. I would add a WD purple for data storage. Will this setup be OK?
  22. nowandthen

    New Dell Optiplex 9020 with i7 haswell is Small Form Facotr case. is that bad?

    I bought a refurbished Dell off eBay, supposedly with Dell 3 year support. When I opened the box I discovered it was the small form factor case. I haven't re-read the eBay ad yet. I wanted to ask a few questions here first before checking to see if the seller will even consider taking it back or...
  23. nowandthen

    Recommendations for unmanaged 8 POE switch, all ports POE

    I currently have 6 Hikvision cameras. I will be adding at least 1 more camera. My preference is an 8 port switch, all must be POE, with a 9th port for the connection to my network. This will give me the option to add an 8th camera. If an 8-port plus a 9th for my network is significantly more...
  24. nowandthen

    NVR vs. PC: Before I return the Dell Optiplex 9020...

    Per Fenderman's recommendation on PCs, I picked up a Dell Optiplex 9020 with i7 Haswell. It's been sitting on the floor unopened. I'm at the end of the return window and called Dell to get RMA and label. They were very nice about it, almost made me feel bad to return it. I'm sure there are...
  25. nowandthen

    Please critique my network setup for PC based camera system

    Currently have Hikvision NVR with Hikvision cameras. Must say, this is a simple setup. These forums have me itching to try a PC based setup, most likley with Blue Iris. Darn this forum! :) Bought Optiplex i7 setup from Dell outlet per recommendations from fenderman. Only mistake I made was 4GB...
  26. nowandthen

    Where to buy? Amazon less expensive.

    Blue Iris official web site is $59.95. Amazon is $49.95. Both up to 64 cameras. What am I missing?
  27. nowandthen

    Cube Cameras not seen by Hikvision NVR

    I just received a DS-2CD2432F-IW cube camera. I plugged it into my Hikvision DS-7608NI-SE/8P NVR. After many minutes, nothing. NVR software version is 3.0.10 build 141125. I have 3 Hikvision bullets and 1 Hikvison EXIR Turret. All pop up after a minute or two. Looking at the manual it says I...
  28. nowandthen

    Norton says SADP is unsafe and quaranitines the file.

    I had to turn off Norton Auto Protect/Sonar Protection to install I have to believe SADP is safe, so many people are using it. I got the download from Hikvision.
  29. nowandthen

    Not a US (WR) camera as advertised. Got CCCH and no offer to replace.

    I purchased a 2.8mm 3MP turret camera from Nelly's Wrightwood. I paid extra because I didn't want to deal with the camera reverting to Chinese. Didn't realize this immediately, but some time later I logged into the camera and the serial number is ...CCCH.... I contacted Nelly's Wrightwood, they...
  30. nowandthen

    Did I damage my NVR? Keeps resetting.

    Has worked fine for many many months. Today I needed to enlarge a hole through the wall where the camera CAT cables pass through. The drill bit caught one of the cables. I see exposed wires on the cable. Did not investigate further to see if there are shorts. Image from that camera still...