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    Thief Caught On Camera

    POS thieves.
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    Dahua NVR One Cable, Two IP cameras

    According to the description on BHPhoto, the PFT1300 has one PoE input, one PoE output to the next extender, and one IP camera port. Which would explain why only one camera works, since the second camera is plugged into the PoE output port. "Dahua Technology PFT1300 PoE Extender"
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    LPR Camera Settings

    In for the pics.
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    Good deal on a 4tb WD HDD

    My daily Newegg email has the same deal advertised. "WD Red Plus 4TB NAS Hard Disk Drive - 5400 RPM, 3.5" -"
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    Need some help identifying this Honeywell board and panels

    Here are the manuals I have. @whoami ™ Thanks for the additional info on the controllers. Something else to add to the list.:thumb:
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    Need some help identifying this Honeywell board and panels

    Great! That link also has a manual I didn't know about. Thanks @Griswalduk !
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    Need some help identifying this Honeywell board and panels

    Looks like my board and my keypad is similar to the first pic. Honeywell Vista-20P. I have a few printed pages from the manual I downloaded a while back. Let me see if I can find it.
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    What does fire look like with IR cut filter?

    Scary, but pretty neat video. Looks like the burning bits extinguish fairly quickly?
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    Intro and questions

    ^ This, especially the mask with your asthma. Also consider disposable coveralls made of Tyvek or similar material to reduce the amount of fibers tracked into the house or into the washing machine.
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    Hello evryone....

    :welcome: Yes, lots of knowledge here, and it is readily shared. In addition to the other suggestions, check out the camera captures and camera reviews to see how the many factors (distance, height, lens, FOV, lighting, etc.) influence and affect video quality. I really started understanding...
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    Make Your Doors Secure with this Easy Trick ( affordable mod to do to your front door to reduce odds of brute force attack success )

    Thanks for posting @mat200. I already have the longer screws, but I don't have the gap between the door and jamb for the commercial plates. I just need to pop some trim off to see if this will work.
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    You guys agree with this guy?

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    Greetings and Salutations

    :welcome: +++ what the others have said. Read the Wiki, and the cliff notes. Also check out some of the videos posted in the various sub-forums to get an idea of what works and doesn't work in different situations. Viewing good and bad videos really helped me understand how all the...
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    Intro and questions

    :welcome: Lots of good advice here and thanks for reading before posting.
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    Schedule causing only two cameras to stop recording

    Thanks for posting how you resolved the problem.
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    The scene from this movie is priceless

    Miss John Candy. I also saw a reference to "they'll be able to buff this out, no problem" last night.
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    Poor fellow had no idea his Zoom account was spoofed

    I thought maybe he had been watching the movie Idiocracy and that influenced his user name. I wonder who hooked the guy up?
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    Yet Another Worthless Ring Door Bell Video

    The video improved once the porch light came on and the nanny opened the door - so there's that to
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    Wall of shame

    At least your shelf is sized appropriately for the equipment and has wood supports.
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    Wall of shame

    Wait, is that a USB cord holding the 2X lumber up?
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    Postal Scale - What do you use and which to buy?!?

    I've had an Accuteck W-8260-86G for about five years and it is working fine, but I don't use it a lot. Identical to this gold model 86 lb scale.
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    Help deciding on software

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    New Member

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    Attempted Murder of two officer's, by felon.

    Thanks for posting. "...because evil can never be dead enough." Nice to see Sherriff Judd has a brother!
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    Clearly we need to up our game and produce a top quality video helping newbies with IP cameras

    That video sets a fairly high
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    Thoughts on Physically Locating PoE and CAT6?

    ^^^^^ What they said, especially pulling more than one cable downstairs. Also highly recommend pulling at least two cables to each camera location - helps with troubleshooting and future expansion. Does your house have a wired network for internet? Consider adding /upgrading networking...
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    New Here and some system setup questions..

    Welcome from another Tidewater member! Lots of great info here. +1 on the conduit between floors for future expansion. So much easier and cheaper to install cables now, but if you are running out of time to pull cables before the insulation/drywall crews show up, conduit runs can help reduce...