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    OpenALPR Tool - Save and Query CSV Exports

    Updated 2021.08.20 Both Downloader and Viewer have been updated. Most changes relate to being able to pull from the local web-server as well as the cloud CSV to allow much faster imports and thus alerts. Tied into this improvements made to alerting, searching, backups, etc. Please see This...
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    Snapshots - Wrong Time (UI3)

    I have very hard time getting either a video, or a snapshot, of exactly what I want to see. 1. Video export doesn't seem to perfectly follow the sliders / what I can see what I preview. 2. It doesn't seem possible to "step-forward/backward" when watching the video. Have to slow down, which...
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    Hello! "Long time listener, first time caller."

    I've been stalking these forums for a bit now. For some reason I was crazy enough to read all 158+ (at the time) pages of the Starlight thread. I've had some cameras in the past consisting of Foscam, then Amcrest, and most recently some Hikvision Cube cameras (for inside) but had issues with...