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    Am I doing this wrong?

    So I setup a camera system for a buddy of mine as a favor for him. I made a whopping $400 for running a dozen IP cameras at his restaurant with drop ceiling. Nothing super fancy. Well now a retail store in his shopping center wants me to do a camera install for them. 16 cameras total for this...
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    UNV NVR camera network

    I recently bought a UNV NVR for my home and 8 UNV IP cameras. The UNV NVR is putting the cameras on the network. My main home network however uses network. Is there any reason to put the cameras on the same network or would leaving them on an entirely different network...
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    Camera system for small restaurant

    A good friend of mine is looking to upgrade their very old 6 camera system and would like to have around 12-14 camera's total after this new "upgrade". I'm looking for suggestions on brands, and places to buy (complete packages would be nice). I'm familiar with running network cable (IT...
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    Hikvision Backdoor Exploit Demo

    Having issues with your admin account resetting? Check out the video demo below! I've tested this on a LTS system running the latest firmware found on their website and same exploit works. I'm not the creator of the above video, but have tested on an LTS CMIP3042W-28 using firmware version...
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    Will this network setup work?

    Well it's been a while since I've been here but I'm back :) Right now I have my LTS LTN8708-P8 NVR in my garage and my 3 LTS CMIP3042W cameras hooked directly to it. Normally heat hasn't been much of a worry for me but this year the heat has been brutal in my area. Heat index 100-105 and while...
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    CMIP3042W-28 matrix IR not working

    So was out checking the local news website this morning and came across an article that there was reports of shots fired in my further in my neighborhood. The only access to this area by car is to drive past my house. I brought up the NVR interface to check if I was able to catch any cars coming...
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    Continuous recording not showing alerts in Playback

    So I have my NVR (LTN8708-P8) set to record continuously 24/7 and also have "Enable Motion Detection" and "Enable Dynamic Analysis for Motion" checked. However when I view my playback history, it only shows the blue continuous bar and shows me no signs of motion/alarms. What am I doing wrong?
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    Is this as good as it gets?

    So the LTS LTN8708-P8 NVR and my LTS CMIP3042W turret cameras have been delivered and installed over the weekend and so far so good. I have a few things I still need to do, such as tidy up the cables coming into the NVR as well as run another CAT6 cable. That said I'm looking at the video feed...
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    Looking for camera layout feedback.

    I'm working on putting an order together and if all goes well purchase some LTS cameras and NVR but wanted to see what some thoughts where here of my proposed layout. First here is a sat picture of my house to give an idea of the layout of the area and what I'm trying to cover. This is my...
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    Swann system or peice together my own?

    I'm trying to decided between getting a Swann NVR4-7300 system or buying 4 hikvision DS-2CD2032-I cameras from some place like and then buy a Hikvision NVR. If I go with option two is there a particular NVR I should buy? Wrightwood seems only have 2-3 models and...