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    Flush mount ip cameras

    Hi all, was wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase ip cameras that are almost flush mounted into the celing. I know that Axis has some cameras but I was looking for a more less expensive vendor, if anyone knows of one please let me know. Thanks.
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    Northern NVR

    Good morning all, I have complteted an IP camera system upgrade at a small restaurant. In this restaurant they had a Northern model # NHT-NVR16POE2. The NVR works fine but the cameras were in bad shape, some had water damage. I have the NVR home and reset the NVR to factory defaut. I want to...
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    Ex Disney Store

    Hello everyone, hope everyone is staying safe these days. I have a potential client that moved into a space in a mall that was a Disney store. It turns out that all the ip cameras were never taken and left behind. I was called to come and see if I can get these cameras to work all the cameras...
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    Northern Video NTH-NVR8POE

    Hello everyone, I'm a security camera installer needing some help. I have a this northern NVR that came out of a restaurant, the restaurant cameras were removed but NVR was left behind. I upgraded my client to a new system and now I have this NVR sitting here. Here is my dilemma, I was able to...
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    Password removers

    Does anyone know of a software that I can use to remove passwords or get the password for dvr/ nvrs? I have gotten service calls for forgotten passwords to DVRs/nvrs. Thanks.
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    Documentation for clients

    hello everyone, hope everyone is doing well. I was wondering if anyone knows of a template that I can use in word or excel which allows me to type in serial numbers and configuration setting so that I can provide to my clients after an install? Thanks.
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    Universal Password Remover

    Hi Guys, I have been installing security cameras for 10 years, i've been getting calls from customers asking me to remove or reset passwords from their personal NVR's or DVR's which they have forgotten. Note these recorders were not installed by me, they've been installed by techs whom the...
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    Ubiquity or Ligowave

    if anyone had to pick a wireless antenna which one would you choose and why? LigoDLB 5-20ac - Wireless Outdoor Device (w 20dBi Antenna) | LigoWave OR Ubiquiti - NanoBeam® AC Thanks, do not know which one would be more reliable.
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    Hello, I have been installing security cameras for over 10 years now I have an upcoming project at a hotel, there are three ip cameras mounted on poles and the previous installer ran all the cables on the roof without conduit. All the cables have been resting in water and are all brittle, now...