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    T-Mobile 5G Home Internet AND Blue Iris Updated 2021-12-24

    I'm starting this thread simply because I have posts all over the place and someone looking into T-Mobile 5G Home Internet might actually want some info on it prior to getting (or NOT getting) it, from someone that has absolutely nothing to gain whether you get it or not, all in one place.. This...
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    This is why my little buddy, a Shih Tzu, is always always always on a leash when he's outside (edit: and my hand is on the other end of that leash)...
  3. Ssayer

    Shooting at a local high school...

    This afternoon at the local high school, A 15yo 10th grader went on a rampage. 3 kids dead and 6 others injured. 1 was a teacher. Crazy, crazy, world...
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    A first for us

    Some of you probably see these all the time, but for us, In all the years we've been here, we've never once seen a salamander. So here it was (late last night), 40°F, and lo and behold here is our first. Of course it was under our deck. EVERYTHING likes to go under our deck. :p He (she?) is...
  5. Ssayer

    Mushrooms in the rain

    These mushroom are so cool (to me) in the rain. :)
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    Heh, just got this email from Western Digital (there is not a chance in this world that I'd have either of mine exposed to the internet. They just now figured it out??): -------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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    Am I the only one with the problem post

    Here's the email that I just sent to Ken: -------------------------------------------------------------------- I've had a problem with every release after With every release including the current one, almost every time I start Blue Iris up, the screen goes to standby and nothing wakes...
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    Bluetooth help?

    I've tried, and I've searched. Heck, I even tried finding help with Google, so you know I'm running out of ideas. Anyway, I have 2 computers and a Galaxy S9 android phone that I wanted to control with one device, so I bought this keyboard which has numerous reviews with people using it for 2...
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    Could I have...

    Could I have an order of fries with these tulips?
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    Funny / Satire

    Unfortunately, people sometimes mistake the satire I put up as truth. So... I'll put it up here. That way, if it's not your thing, you can simply avoid this thread. That work? ;)
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    USB-c female to USB-a 3.0 female adapter - does this thing exist?

    I've been looking everywhere for an adapter like this. Heck, I even tried GOOGLE, so you know I'm at a loss. Has anyone seen this adapter anywhere? I can find this combination in any iteration except for the one I'm trying to find... female on both ends. Anyone? Or does it simply not exist...
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    Got ADT for your home security?

    And this costs how much a month??
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    Smart doorbells

    Not that this will surprise anyone here, but...
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    Meet Now

    So, I had a UPS die last night (the one that my BI is on). When I switched UPSs and turned the computer back on, I had this new icon in my tray, "Meet Now". To my knowledge, I hadn't installed anything new and my first thought was that somehow that computer had gotten hacked. I quick jumped...
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    We've seen HIS game before

  16. Ssayer

    The "Fishing Kid" can't get a break!

  17. Ssayer

    I'm innocent, I tell you! Innocent!!

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    Got to love having things delivered to your door. These were today's packages, One from Amazon (where they don't seem to care how they package anything) and one from Walmart (where they really need to invest in some boxes that are closer in size to the item being shipped. :P Amazon...
  19. Ssayer

    Weasel (not a security cam capture)

    We've been out here since 1996 and this is the first one we've seen. The funny thing is that we had been walking around our property and headed back to the house, and there he was, just laying there in the driveway. We got within about 10 feet and he just stayed there, almost like he was...
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    Who did that?

    Easy to identify, he left tracks.. :p
  21. Ssayer

    Just like walking down the street

  22. Ssayer

    Eight Is Enough

  23. Ssayer

    Darn, I hate Groundhogs!

    I saw her live on video and went out and chased her out of the garden. Couldn't specifically find where she got in so I checked the video and went out to see. After repeating this a few times, I can only concur that she pushed through the fence in an area so tight that I couldn't push my own...
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    It's time!!!

  25. Ssayer

    His 3rd day at it...

    He is on his 3rd day at cleaning out someone else's nest from this birdhouse. The old nest was right up to the openning. Yep, it's one shitty job...:p
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    The last two updates have given me this CGadSocket error message a couple of times now. Never had it before. It doesn't seem to hurt anything so... just curious if it's anything (that I may be able to stop from happening).
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    He called first dibs on checking out the new birdhouse. :p

    You never know who will be first when you put up a new birdhouse. Last year's new birdhouse, a sparrow and a wren were constantly ripping up each other's beginning of a nest and ultimately the house didn't even get used. Time will tell with this one. :)
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    My little guy (a Shih Tzu) and I were out back beside my garden in the dark so he could do his thing and I could check out the stars when... (turn your sound way up, the video is simply an older cam on the other side of the garden pointing out into the darkness) :p ((a Coyote))
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    You may smell, but I'm ugly, so...